Dr. Jerry Godbout


        B.S. Chemistry  (Physics minor) University of Florida, 1990

        Ph. D., Physical Chemistry, Michigan State University, 1996

        Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Rochester 1996 1998

Teaching Experience

        Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Hendrix College (1998 1999)

        Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame (1999 2001)

        Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, St. Bonaventure University (2001 present)

Courses Taught at St. Bonaventure

CHEM 101 General Chemistry I

CHML 101 General Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 102 General Chemistry II

CHML 102 General Chemistry II Laboratory

CHEM 401 Physical Chemistry I

CHML 401 Physical Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 402 Physical Chemistry II

CHML 402 Physical Chemistry II Laboratory

Research Interests

My research interests, admittedly unfocused at this time, can be grouped under the loose description of using spectroscopic techniques to determine structure at the molecular level.  Simply put, I like to shine light on things to see what they look like.  Most of my expertise lies in the field of vibrational spectroscopy, in which uses light (infrared, visible or ultraviolet) to determine the geometry and strength of the bonds in a molecule.  Through generous alumni donations, the Chemistry Department has recently acquired a research-grade infrared spectrometer that will allow the pursuit of many interesting (to me anyway) projects, which include:

Along with the spectroscopic studies listed above, I am also interested in developing the computational techniques that will be needed to interpret the resulting complex spectroscopic data.  Many of these techniques will utilize previously developed models and software, and some will require the development of novel models and accompanying software.  A distributed computing resource (Beowulf cluster), recently developed in a joint effort with the SBU Physics Department, will support these efforts.


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