Clare 102 Lab

Mr. Kevin Vogel (Biology) has been the lab coordinator since fall 1999 and deserves much of the credit for the development of the lab portion of the course. 

There have been many changes including the introduction of a laboratory manual, a peer evaluation system of monitoring group work and nearly a complete turnover in laboratory exercises.  The most obvious connection between the sciences is the principle of energy conservation as it determines how objects move (physics), how elements behave (chemistry) and how organisms are able to function (biology).  We developed a set of laboratory experiences that focuses on the theme of energy and explore how each of the disciplines views energy.  Within the disciplines, exercises focused on the following topics:


        Laws of Motion (Use of Simple Devices)

        Conduction, Convection and Heat Transfer


        Chemical Kinetics (Chemical Reactivity)

        Atomic Energy Levels and Light Spectra


        Photosynthesis and Respiration (Cellular and Organismal Level Energetics)

        Ecosystems and Biosphere Energetics (Connections Between Matter and Energy)

 Clare 102 lab syllabus for fall 2003



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