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You can see, at a glance, all of the information available on this site by consulting this page.

Consult the Record of Changes for details on what has been changed and why.

Brief History of the University
Charter of the University

Board of Trustees By-Laws


Organizational Charts 

All organizational charts (one PDF file)


Governing Handbooks

Faculty Status & Welfare Handbook*, revised 2021

Administrator's Handbook
The Administrator's Handbook has been replaced by the Staff Handbook
Faculty Senate
    Grievance Committee Procedures*
          Grievance Complaint Log
          Grievance Complaint Form
" Hourly Employee Handbook
The Hourly Employee Handbook has been replaced by the Staff Handbook
Faculty Committee on Recommendations Revised ByLaws  Student Government Association
     Constitution [requires MySBU login]

Graduate Council Constitution and Bylaws

*Specific revision procedures, as defined within these documents, will be followed for these items.

Selected Institutional Policies

Advertising Policy Financial Aid Programs, Graduate: See Graduate Assistantships and Graduate Financial Aid Programs Procedure for Requesting & Issuing Contracts
Advisory Groups Policy [Roles & Appointment of] Flag Policy, Presentation for Bereavement Protection of Minors Policy
Franciscan Internships Policy Public Safety Policy
Alternative Work Arrangements Franciscan Recruitment Policy Purchasing Card Policies & Procedures (linked from Purchasing Page on MySBU)
Annual Fund-Raising Policy
Gender-Based Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy & Procedures     
Purchasing Policy (linked from Purchasing Page on MySBU)
Answering Media Questions Policy Gender Inclusive Language Policy Quick Arts Center Scheduling Policy
Background Check Policy Graduate Assistantships Recruitment Policy and Procedures, Staff

Refund Policy, Withdrawal--SEE Withdrawal Refund Policy
Campus Security Authority (CSA) Policy Graduate Financial Aid Programs Remote Employees Policy  +
Guidelines for Flexible Work Schedule
Cash Control Policy
  Retiree Definition and Benefits
Casual Dress Policy Graduation Fee, Mandatory
Scheduling & Use of University Facilities

Service & Emotional Support Animals Policy
Cleary Act Compliance Policy Grievance Policy Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy
Compensation Policy for Faculty & Administrators Graduate Waivers-Ineligibility for Part-Time Employees Policy--SEE Financial Aid Policies section Smoke Free University Policy
  H-1B Policy
Confidentiality and Security Policy Hatch Act & Regulation Prohibiting Political Activity Policy Solicitation Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy Harassment: Discrimination and Harassment Policy & Procedures
Student Complaint Policy and Procedures
Consensual Relationship Policy   Speaker Policy
Copyright Policy Honorary Degree Guidelines Policy

Subaward Policy
COVID-19 alternative work--see Alternative Work Arrangements Human Resources Policies
--Designated Holidays, PTO and Holiday Closure Policy
--Emergency Call-In Differential Policy
--Overtime Pay Policy
Vacation and Sick Leave Programs, Non-faculty employees
Title IX Student Life Division Flowchart & Timeline
Crisis Communications Policy Immnunization Policy for Students Travel Policy
The Document Retention Policy has been removed because it is included in the Information Security Policy and Procedures document

Information Security Policy & Procedures
--Data Breach Response Procedure& Form,
--Data Classification Standard,
--Data Transmission& Storage Standard,
--Document Retention Standard,
--Endpoint Seucrity Standard, &
--Password Standard

Tuition Remission Policy

Tuition Waivers, Graduate--Ineligibility for part-time employees--SEE Financial Aid Policies section
Drug Free Workplace/Campus Community Policy Institutional Fund-Raising Policy

Military Aligned Student Assistance Grant Policy--SEE Financial Aid Policies section
University Advancement: Gift Acceptance Policy
Electronic Resources, Policy on Responsible & Acceptable Use
   Related Policies:
      Confidentiality and Security Policy
World Wide Web Site Policy
Named Gift Guidelines University Advancement: Gift Acceptance Policy for Gifts of Real Property
Employee Lodging Policy & Procedure Nepotism Policy University Advancement: Statement of Campaign Reporting Standards
Endowed Scholarship Policy Office Hours Policy Whistleblower Policy
Equal Employment and Educational Opportunity Policy Operating Budget Policy Withdrawal Refund Policy
  Permanent Residency Sponsorship Policy
Fifth-Year Enrollment Policy Petty Cash Policy World Wide Web Site Policy
Financial Aid Policies
--Graduate Tuition Waivers--Ineligibility for Part-Time Employees
--International Students--Academic Scholarships
--Merit Scholarships-Semester Limit
--Military Aligned Student Assistance Grant
--ROTC Room & Board Benefits
--SEE ALSO Tuition Remission Policy & Guidelines, Withdrawal Refund Policy
Political Campaign Guidelines:
American Council on Education (ACE)
Political Campaign-Related Activities of and at Colleges and Universities
  Position Classification & Promotion Policy
  Printing & Publications Policy  

NOTE: Policies related to benefits, performance appraisal, paid leaves of absences and unpaid leaves of absences can be found in the faculty, administrators, and hourly employee handbooks.

Grievance Procedures

See Discrimination and Harassment Policy & Procedures above


Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Advising: Guidelines for Undergraduate Advising & Guidelines for Students: Academic Advising at SBU Course Withdrawals Nude Models
Academic Advisory Council Courses That Involve Travel Overload Pay/Course Reductions
  Credit Hour Policy Participation in Commencement
Academic Calendar Guidelines Credit for Overseas Courses Pay for Faculty Performing Administrative Duties
Academic Calendar--Summer Session Maximum Load Cross-Listing of Courses Policy Reading Days
Academic Freedom Policy Discontinuance or Consolidation of an Undergraduate Academic Program--See Suspension, Discontinuance, or Consolidation of an UG Academic Program Scholars in Residence
Academic Integrity

Undergraduate Policy: Academic Integrity/Academic Honesty Policy + Definition of Academic Honesty

Graduate Policy (linked from
Early Registration School of Education Governance of Teacher Education Programs
Academic Probation & Dismissal Policies

Evaluation Guidelines, Official

Evaluations, Course, Use of

Student Grade Appeals--See Grade Chages & Grade Appeals
Academic Programs, New--Guidelines for Development and Approval Faculty Hiring  
Academic Restoration Program Faculty Teaching Elsewhere Students with Disabilities
Academic Scholarships Fifth Year Enrollment Study Abroad--Academic Eligibility
Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines Final Examinations Summer Course Pay
Administering Exams Outside Regular Class Time Franciscan Teaching Internships Suspension, Discontinuance, or Consolidation of an Undergraduate Academic Program
Administrative Withdrawal Policy Grade Changes & Grade Appeals Syllabi Policy
APEC Grade Submission Deadline


Appealing Academic or Administrative Decisions Honor Students

Transcript Releases

Cancellation of Classes Before or After Vacations Incomplete Grades Transfer Students and Transfer Credit Policy -- see Undergraduate catalog
Class Schedules Independent Studies & Tutorials Travel
Class Scheduling & Contact Hours Institutional Review Board (IRB)    
NOTE: Requires MySBU login to view
Tuition Waivers
Concentration Policy Intellectual Property Rights for Web-Based Courses Tutorial Courses: See Independent Studies and Tutorial Courses
Course Registration Process IP (In Progress) Grades  
 Course Removal/Inactivation Military Service Withdrawal  


Other Governing Documents