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January-   Francis Hall dining facility opening 

January-   Archbishop Walsh Convent sold to Univ. for $1 (OTH  2001-04-09)

January-   Student service trip to Mexico

January-   School of Education proposal-new Master's program-secondary education certification

January-   Clare College Offices housed in Robinson Hall (BV 2001-01-26 pg 1)

January-    Death-Eddie Donovan-former coach (BV 2001-01-26 pg.6)

January-    Curriculum-Leadership Certificate Program Offered (Business First 2001-01-29)       

February-  F. Donald Kenney Museum  to open in March (BV 2001-02-02 pg 1)

February-  Russert to give commencement speech

February-  Faculty meet with union (BV 2001-02-23 pg 1)

February-  Death-Felix Jacques -Prof emeritus Biology  (BV 2001-02-02 pg 2)    

February-  China trip for University community

February-   Inaugural Bishop's Medal awarded University 

March-      Athletics-improvements to facilities, expansion (BV 2001-03-30 pg1)

March-      Athletics- Jim Baron accepts position at Rhode Island

March-      Leslie Quick Jr. Benefactor dies (BV 2001-03-16 pg. 1)

March-      Clare College curriculum change-capstone course (BV 2001-03-23 pg 1)

March-      History curriculum adds Celtic Heritage (BV 2001-03-30 pg.3)

March-       Kenney Museum dedication (Buffalo News 2001-03-16) 

March-       Competition-College Bowl (OTH 2001-03-11)

April-         Alumnus Author- Dan Herbeck- "American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing"

April-         Athletics- Jan van Breda Kolff  appointed basketball coach (BV 2001-04-20 pg.8)

April-         Buildings-Former Archbishop Walsh High, donated to Univ. to serve as artists' residence

April-         Science/Theology center to open Fall 2001 (BV 2001-04-27 pg.1)

April-         Community and Franciscan Sisters start  "Canticle Farm" in Allegany (OTH 2001-04-08)    

May -        Tim Russert addresses Commencement (Bradford Era 2001-05-14) 

May-          Grant, $100,000 First Niagara 

July-            Curriculum- Business Information Degree (Olean Times Herald 2001-07-29)

July-           Alumnus of Year-Robert D. Crowley (Post Journal 2001-07-04)l

July-           Curriculum-Clare College hailed as national model                                                                                                

August-      Faculty - Greer reinstated (BV 2001-08-31 pg.1)

August-      Curriculum-English-2nd language (OTH 2001-08-07)

August-      Country Inn & Suites across from campus opened, land leased by University

August-       Death-Fr. Bob Stewart ; Book "Making Peace with Cancer: A Franciscan Journey"

September- Terrorist attack on NY, DC, and PA-campus reaction, and involvement in cleanup

September-  Death-Fr. Mychal Judge-chaplain-World Trade Center (BV 2001-09-14 pg. 1)  

September- Renaissance Faire (BV 2001-09-21 pg.1)

October-     Curriculum-Certificate Program Human Resources Management (Business First 2001-08-06)

October-    Alumnus of Year-Casey, Edward (Capital -Annapolis, MD)

October-    Grant $95,000- Computer Program NSF (OTH 2001-10-14)

October-    "Commentary On the Gospel of  Luke"  Pt I by Fr. Robert Karris, OFM Franc. Inst., (OTH 2001-10-01)


October-     Mt. Irenaeus-20th anniversary

November-  Castle Inn closes after 38 years (BV 2001-11-09 pg. 2)

November-  Library-Digital Media Center planned (BV 2001-11-09 pg. 1)

November-  Technology-Library-Laptops available for use (BV 2001-11-16 pg.1)

November-  School of Education Secondary Education program certified by NY Dept of Ed

November-  Warming House relocates to W. State St. (BV 2001-11-30 pg.2)

December-    "Circus Days & Nights" one of 10 top religion books, edited by Paul Spaeth, Univ. Library Director

December-    Reilly Center court renamed to Adelphia Court (BV 2001-12-07 pg.1)


January-        Death-Rev. Gervase White, OFM

January-        Diversity Issue discussed with Alfred University and Alfred State College

January-        Additions to Hall of Fame: Kevin McNamee,  Sue Shay-Danielewicz, Bob Rozyczko,  John Thurling

February-      Death-Leo Keenan, Jr. Faculty-Bonalum

February-      Francis Hall Cafe Meal plan declared success

February-      Students participate in "March for Life" in DC

February-      Congress fixes student loan rates at 6.8%

February-      Academic Signature Programs

February-      E-Mail changes from GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook

February-      Faculty Senate-Enforcement of 3/4 rule

February-      30 year anniversary of Title IX, Women in Sports

March-          24 Hr. Lockdowns for Shay/Loughlen and Devereux Halls for security

March-          Summer school tuition decreases from $500 to $300 per credit hour

March-          University Forum, Clare 401 adjusting to student suggestions

March-          Lilly Endowment   $50K for "Theological Exploration of Vocation"

March-          Legacy Dance Company seek course credit

April-             Tuition Increase $684

April-             Re-organization of Registrar, HEOP, Teaching & Learning , & Career Centers under VP Acad. Affairs

April-             Grant-$10K NEA for Ken Butler Exhibit in QAC

April-             Pulitzer Price winner, Alumnus John Hanchette to teach in Jandoli School of Journalism/MC

April-             First annual "Woman of Promise" award, Keynote speaker Susan Banks, WKBW-TV

April-             Gift-$3 million for Recreation Center-William and Sandra Richter

August-          HUD grant $990,000 renovations for De LaRoche

August-          Trustee Michael Rigas investigated

August-          Women's basketball team competes in Europe

September-     SBU buys Castle Inn

September-     E-Mail changes from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook

September-     Harassment policy endorsed

October-         MiddleStates Process begins

October-         Hall of Fame-Members only bar planned

October-         University Budget cut 12%

October-          Hellinger Award-Brooke Sherman

November-       Gay/Straight Alliance formed

November-       School of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Values funded with $100,000-Annunziato

November-       "Bona Advantage" Scholarship available for graduate student

November-       SBU News website evolves 


January-                  Death-Robert Conroy- University Relations

January-             Dan Herbeck author of  book about Timothy McVeigh speaks

January-             Library- Digital Media Center Opens

January-             Graduate School-Management Program for Personnel Professionals-Times Herald  01/19

January-             Registrar Appointed-Heather Jackson-Times Herald  01/20

January-             IBM  Grant for High School Students-Times Herald  01/20

January-              Asbestos removed from De la Roche    BV  01/24

January-             Allegany Student Housing Burns  BV 01/24

January-             Early Registration proposed for Top Students-Buffalo News  01/26

January-             Athletic Hall of Fame: Lavenberg, McNalle, Keller, Panzarella-Times Herald 01/30

January-             Singer Julie Andrews speaks  BV 01/31

February-           "Spectrum" seeks SGA charter  BV 02/07

February-           Verizon funds Digital center-Wellsville Daily Reporter  02/10 

February-           University considers provost governance  BV 02/13

February-           Grant for Science equipment BV 02/14

February-           Swim team gets National Honors  BV 02/14

February-           Mass Comm Students on TV - Times Herald    02/16

February-           Alumnus Herbeck lectures on Timothy McVeigh-Bradford Era  02/18 

February-           Fr. Richard Flaherty resigns  BV 02/21 

February-           New Residence Hall planned near Francis Hall-Times Herald  02/26

February-           Olympian Greg Louganis speaks on discrimination towards homosexuals

February-            Students protest impending war with Iraq

February-            SBU to buy Castle properties- Bradford Era  02/28

February-            Library-Wheel chair ramp and lift installed

February-            Gaudete Awards-Charles Balbach, Trudy Mollenberg, Erick Laine,  Marianne Laine-TH 02/24 (Link)

February-            Reilly Center Renovations proposed  BV 02/28

February-            Canticle Farms sells shares  BV 02/28

February-            Curriculum-Community Banking 101-Independent Banker, Wash. DC 

March-                Three new Graduate Educations Programs-Times Herald 03/01

March-                Bona BBall barred from Atlantic 10 tournament-Tonawanda News  03/04

March-                Basketball Scandal - Dem. & Chron. Roch, NY.    03/07

March-                Legacy Dancers hold annual concert  BV 03/14

March-                Basketball player Jamil Terrell deemed ineligible, team forfeits seasons "wins"

March-                President Robert Wickenheiser resigns  Buff  News  03/10  

March-                Fr. Dominic Monti, OFM appointed interim President-Times Herald  03/10

March-                Interim Athletic Director-Paul Grys-Alumnus-Times Herald  03/13 

March-                Basketball eligibility reviewed  BV 03/14

March-                Graduate School proposes weekend program-Business First  03/21

March-                Trustees endorse academic freedom  BV 03/28

March-                Bob Schieffer to speak at commencement  BV 03/28

March-                Presidential Search begins  BV 03/28

March-                Tuition Increase  6%  BV 03/28

March-                Administrative Leave-Gothard Lane Athletic Director, Jan van Breda Kolff Basketball coach

March-                Interim President- Very Rev. Dominic V. Monti, OFM

March-                Interim VP for Franciscan Charism Sister Margaret Carney  

April-                   Dorm Suites eliminated  BV 04/04

April-                   A-10 rules that Bonnies can stay re: BBall scandal  BV 04/04

April-                   Cooperative Agreement- Bonaventure/JCC  04/07 

April-                   Gaudete-NY City-Tynan, Eckelman, D'urso, Dunne-Times Herald  04/10  (link to awards)

April-                   A-10 names SBU swimmers to "All Academic Team"  BV 04/11

April-                   Death-Student Sean Colligan  04/17  

April-                   Fired-van Breda Kolff coach, and Lane Athletic Director-Register Star, Hudson, NY  04/18

April-                   SBU wins A-10 Tennis award  BV 04/25

May-                    Hired Anthony Solomon, Basketball Coach-Times News,  PA 05/05

May-                    Death-"Gus" Galasso, Benefactor  05/07

May-                    $30,000 NCAA Foundation grant-Bradford Era 05/06

May-                    Prof. Stephen Grey-Lewis (English) retires  BV 05/10

May-                    Commencement Speaker, Bob Schieffer-Buffalo News  05/12

May-                    Curriculum-Clare College Summer Seminar  05/25

May-                    Legacy Dancers want academic credit

May-                    $65,000 Faculty Dev. Grants given by Leslie Quick-Times Herald 

June-                    Death-Barbara Carr-Fund Raiser  06/05

June-                    Jonathan Teuscher Scholarship $23,000  06/09

June-                    Ideal Bonaventure Student-Jean Mahler  06/10

June-                    Gaudete-Rochester,NY-    06/12                                 (link to awards)

June-                    Emeritus-Prof. James Martine-English  06/15

July-                     Ground Breaking-Richter Center  07/16

July-                     San Damiano Room (Francis) christened  07/18

July-                     Emeritus-Prof Larry Orsini-Sch. of Bus.  07/29

August-                Curriculum-Leadership Foundation Certificate- Times Herald   08/01 

August-                Death-Jean Huber, President's secretary  08/07

August-                Death-Trustee chairman William Swan  08/29

August-                Quick Center a curator hired

August-                 Bonaventure-Dresser Rand Collaborate  08/31

September-           Richter Center Scheduled to open Sept. 30    09/03 

September-           Interim Athletic Director Paul Grys resigns  BV  09/05

September-           Campus Entrance Gates honor Fr. Ferdinand Woerle, OFM  BV 09/05                 

September-           Stahl appointed Dean Arts & Sciences  BV 09/05

September-           Hockey Season cancelled  BV 09/05   

September-           Rathskellar alcohol policy changes  BV 09/05

September-           Castle Restaurant to be razed  BV 09/12

September-           Prof. Lapennas faces charges  BV 09/12

September-           Simon and Garfunkle sing again at SBU  BV 09/12

September-           Golf Invitational remembers Prof. Leo Keenan Jr.  BV 09/19

September-            Academic Excellence Program evolves  BV 09/19

September-            Registration-Favorable Class Times Rationed  BV 09/19

September-            Quick Center Gallery-Permanent Collection opens  09/20

September-            National Honor-Warming House  09/22 

September-            School of Education seeks  national accreditation  BV 09/26

September-            Rembrandt's authenticity argued   BV  09/26

October-                Awards-Media Excellence, Considine, Edwards  10/01   (Link to awards)

October-                Awards-Journalism Alumnus of Year, Dan Collins  10/01  (Link to awards)

October-                Francis Hall gets three computers  BV 10/03

October-                Tennis Players Honored by Atlantic 10-Times Herald  10/09

October-                SBU to run food service 2004  BV 10/10

October-                Operating budget cut 2%  BV 10/10

October-                Death-Library Employee-Elizabeth McCabe  10/17 

October-                Handicap Services tested  BV 10/24

October-                Website redesign underway  BV 10/24

October-                Awards- First Oliver Messiaen-Arts/Spirituality  10/29        (link to awards 

October-                Hellinger award-Campana, Emily  BV 10/31                                 (link to awards)

October-                 Awards-Media Excellence, Mosser, Edwards, Considine, Alum of yr. BV 10/31  (link to awards)

October-                 Bricks from 1st monastery found at Richter Site  BV 10/31

November-             Tennis courts to be constructed by Fall 2003  BV 11/07 

November-             VP posts Marketing, Public Relations & Univ. Advancement Merged BV 11/07

November-             Castle Property for sale $2.5 million  BV 11/07

November-             Songer masthead Collection donated to Library  11/08

November-             Rembrandt (Rabbi) belongs to Rembrandt workshop  BV 11/21

December-             School of Business given $47,000 grant  BV 12/05

December-             Clare College  10 yr. accreditation  BV 12/05

December-             Fr. Monti and Sr. Carney apply for Presidency  BV 12/05

December-             Zwierlein Appointed Athletic Director  12/15

December-             Curriculum-Clare College accredited  12/19 

December-             Death-Jack Ritzenthaler-Athletics- 12/27

December-             Death-Fr. Anthony Fedell, OFM former faculty  12/28


January-                 National award for Warming House   WNY Catholic 01/01

January-                 Curriculum- Business Ethics offered   Auburn Citizen 01/07

January-                 20 year anniversary International Studies with Spain  Buffalo News 01/08

January-                 Clare College Core Accredited    Business First  01/09   

January-                 Human Resources Certificate Program   Times Herald 01/14

January-                 Presidential Search-8 Candidates   Buffalo News 01/17      

January-                 Community Relations  Mediation Committee  BV 01/29

January-                 $4.5 Million  Grant for De La Roche Renovations  Buffalo News 01/23

January-                 Building Renovation planned for De la Roche  BV 01/30

January-                 AAUP objects to SBU vs Lapennas (faculty)  BV 01/30

January-                 Rembrandt "The Rabbi" Atelier of Rembrandt  BV 01/23

February-               Zwierlein Athletic Director starts  BV  02/01

February-               University considers appointing an ombudsman  BV 02/06 

February-                Coach Jim Crowley gets contract extension  BV 02/13

February-                Quick Center exhibits Gilda Oliver  BV 02/20

February-                 NCAA sanctions clear van Breda Kolff   Times Herald 02/20

February-                 NCAA puts Bonas on Probation re: BBall scandal  BV 02/20

February-                 San Damiano room in Francis gets sound system  BV 02/20

February-                 Robinson-Falconio Lounge coming down  BV 02/20

February-                 Francis Cafe gets facelift  BV 02/27

February-                 Franciscan Inst. Sr, Mary Gurley tends project in Kenya  BV 02/27

February-                 Building renovations to Garrett theatre  BV 02-27

February-                 Quick Center exhibits Pingatore  BV 02/27

February-                 TAP & HEOP cut impact programs  BV 02/27

February-                 Ex-coach van Breda Kolff may sue SBU  BV 02/27

February-                 Computer Science Dept gets $25,000 grant  BV 02/27

February-                 Building-Richter Center steel arrives  BV 02/27

February-                 Sr. Margaret Carney , OSF elected to President by Trustees  BV 02/27, Buffalo News 02/24

February-                 Student Gov't-Democrats rechartered  BV 02/27

March-                     BBC-TV to visit Bonas    Bradford Era  03/04

March-                     Gaudete awards given to Lanier, Lipsey, McCarthy  Times Herald  03/05

March-                     Bookstore being renovated  BV 03/05    

March-                     Commencement Speaker announced -Dolores Kendrick   BV 03/05

March-                     Bonas competes in 7th College Bowl   Times Herald 03/08

March-                     Scholarship Fund in honor of Barbara Carr McKee Univ Rel.  Times Herald  03/29

April-                        Woman of Promise Award-Becker   Times Herald  04/04

April-                        Curriculum Accreditation-Teacher Education  Buffalo News  04/08        

April-                        Ground Breaking-De La Roche Renovations  Times Herald 04/14

April-                        Herbeck added to "Distinguished Graduates"   Bradford Era  04/24

April-                        JCC-SBU Cooperative Agreement   Bradford Era 04/27

May-                        $1.5 Million Gift to Friedsam Library   Buffalo News 05/05

May-                        Fulbright Grant-Dr. Charles Gannon    Times Herald  05/07

June-                        Franciscan Institute offers helping hand in Africa   Times Herald 06/30

June-                        Franciscan Institute Medal-Giovanni Miccoli    Salamanca Press 06/30

July-                         St. Bonaventure Church, Allegany 150 Anniversary   Times Herald  07/09

July-                         Grant-Manley Trust $10,000     Salamanca Press  07/28

August-                     Fitness Center Closes   Salamanca Press  08/02

August-                     Awards-Laurel top Northeast Student Literary magazine  08/22

August-                     Ratings-SBU high in US News &World Report   Bradford Era  08/23

August-                     President Sr. Margaret wants Provost government  BV 08/24

August-                     Baseball goes to NCAA  BV 08/27

September-               Teachers speak on plagarism  BV 09/03

September-               SBU Womens BBall in top 25 Academic teams  BV 09/03, Bradford Era  09/03

September-               Rob-Fal Laundry opens  BV 09/03

September-               Clare College University Forum evolves  BV 09/03

September-               Community Relations Director hired- Vahl  BV 09/03

September-               Dining Hall food critiqued  Buffalo News  09/10  

September-               Canticle Farm gives produce to students  BV 09/10

September-               Faculty Senate endorses Clare College under Dean-Arts & Sciences  BV 09/10

September-               Counseling clinic opened to community    Bradford Era  09/13

September-               Mt. Ireneaus annual Auction   Bradford Era 9/20

September-               Award-Les Sabina-Music    Salamanca Press   09/21   

September-               Athletics-Men's Soccer 25th in nation   Times Herald  09/22

September-               Awards-Media Excellence   Salamanca Press  09/24  

September-               Fr. Dominic Monti, OFM has metal friar on Murphy Hall removed  BV 09/24

September-               Students seek more security  BV 09/24

September-               Tennis Invitational won by Bonas  BV 09/24

September-               Publications-Faculty- Fr. Robert Karris, OFM-Book on Luke  Times Herald 09/26 

September-               Richter Center Opens  Times Herald  09/28 

October-                   $3 million gift from Richters  Times Herald  10/01

October-                   Tennis team goes to ECAC  BV 10/01

October-                   Richter Center dedicated  BV 10/01

October-                   Charlie Major track demolished for tennis courts  BV 10/01  

October-                   New Entrance Dedicated to Bro. Woerle   Times Herald  10/04

October-                   Sr. Margaret Carney, OFS inaugurated President  BV 10/08

October-                   Bob Dylan to perform 11/11  BV 10/08

October-                   Detention Policy explained by George Solan  BV 10/08

October-                   Trustees approved Povost Government  BV 10/08

October-                   Middlestates will visit in October  BV 10/08

October-                   Richter Center floor damaged by dancers  BV 10/08

October-                   Quick Center exhibits Revolutionary war artifacts  BV 10/08

October-                   Publications-Faculty-Barry Gan   Business First  10/15

October-                   Skip Saal appointed Provost  BV 10/22, Business First 12/05

October-                   Wireless access installed on campus  BV 10/29

October-                   Registration easier on-line  BV 10/29

November-               Rugby Team wins championship-undefeated  BV 11/05

November-               Graduate enrollment down  BV 11/05

November-               International studies promoted  BV 11/12

November-               University's assets $100 million  BV 11/12

November-               Fr. Ignatius Brady, OFM gives $1 million to Univ.  BV 11/12

November-               Mt. Irenaeus' 30th Anniversary        Buffalo News  11/22

December-               Athletic Hall of fame inducts Agresta, Ferguson, Mungar  BV 12/03

December-               Fire inspectors fine 219 violations  BV 12/03

December-               NASA gives $4 million to St. Bonaventure U.  BV 12/03

December-               Lights for Clare Rd. considered  BV 12/03          

December-               Curriculum-Osteopathic Medicine   Times Herald  12/05    

December-               FBI honors Patricia Bothner Villafranca   Times Herald  12/08

December-               Provincial Shields added to Entrance Towers  Times Herald 12/18 


January-                   Students do service work in Bahamas  Elmira Star Gazette  01/06

January-                   Bona hosts Math Counts   Times Herald  01/07              

January-                   Recovery Dorms for drug abusers   BV  01/21

January-                   Castle Inn sold for development   BV 01/21

January-                   Fund Raiser for Tsunami relief- $4,050     BV 01/28

January-                   SBU students go to DC March for Life  BV 01/28

February-                 Acct. Students help community with Tax Preparation   CPA Journal   02/01

February-                 Curriculum-Minor offered in Criminology    Times Herald  02/01

February-                 Cooperative Agreement with George Washington Medical School   Times Herald  02/01

February-                 Castle Inn realizes profit  BV 02/04

February-                 Theft in Doyle Hall during Winter Break  BV 02/04

February-                 Concert Fund Raiser for Mt. Irenaeus  BV 02/04

February-                 NCAA ends certification visit    Times Herald   02/09

February-                 Harlem Globe Trotters Perform  BV 02/11

February-                 Remnants of first chapel recovered (Archives)  BV 02/18

February-                 Abroad Program- with New Zealand and Figi    Salamanca Press  02/21

February-                 Bonas takes 2nd place in College Bowl  Times Herald  02/23

February-                 Athletics-Swimming-Margulis named A-10 Outstanding Rookie  BV 02/25 

March-                     Students take Service trip to Trinidad & Tobago   Times Herald   03/02

March-                     Graduate Scholarships offered  Alden Advertizer  03/10

March-                     Curriculum-Music Major for Fall 2005  BV 03/11

March-                     Gaudete Awards-Beltz, Zon   BV -3/11

March-                     Allegany River Trail to be Expanded  BV -3/11

March-                     4 Sports teams below Academic Standards  BV 03/11

March-                     Budget $770,000 in red  BV  03/11

March-                     Athletics-Golfers take 2nd at Invitational   BV 03/11

March-                     Accounting Grant awarded SBU   Times Herald  03/16

March-                     University Relations Reorganizes, Lets 6 employees go   BV 03/18

March-                     Faculty members named to "Who's Who"   Business First  03/18

March-                     Staff Timesheets on line  BV 03/18

March-                     Awards-Woman of Promise-Sorokes  BV 03-18 

March-                     Accreditation Reaffirmed    Times Herald   03/21

March-                     ROTC Hall of Fame recipients,  Kane, Taylor   Salamanca Press  03/23

April-                        Tuition Increase 10.5%  BV 04/01

April-                        Death-Fr. Alphonsus Trabold  BV 04/08

April-                        Death-Pope John Paul II  BV 04/08

April-                        HEOP funding raised  BV 04/08

April-                        Athletics-Solomon gets contract extension  BV 04/08

April-                        Documentary film debuts at SBU (Straub)  Buffalo News  04/12 

April-                        Plagiarism an issue  BV  04/15

April-                        SIFE  wins regionals in NYC  BV 04/15

April-                        Athletics-Dick Joyce Symposium  BV 04/22

April-                        van Breda Kolff suit settled  BV  04/22

April-                        QAC features Student Art  BV 04/22

April-                        Bldg-Richter Center-Patio  BV 04/29

April-                        Athletics-Baseball Club wins Bison's Cup  BV 04/29

May-                         Amo Houghton given Honorary Degree   Times Herald  05/01

May-                         Ideal BV Students-Murali, Macchiano    Times Herald 05/16

May-                         Koop Award goes to Allison Hunt    Westfield Sentinel-News  05/26

June-                         Fund raising record $15 million   Buffalo News   06/07 

September-               Freshman class enrollment down  BV 09/02

September-               Friedsam Library receives $2 million grant  BV 09/02

September-               University helps victims Hurrican Katrina  BV 09/09

September-               VP Skip Saal to retire  BV 09/09

September-               Fr. Dominic Monti OFM appointed Vicar Provincial of Province  BV 09/09  





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