Integrated Marketing Communications Final Projects

These projects are cataloged and housed in the archives (Francis Hall).

December 2009
First		Last		Title 
Monin 		Kyle		Petsmart Petshotel--DVD copy

May 2010
First		Last		Title
Cailan 		Cassidy		Monroe Country Club
James		DiRisio		Bona Legacies
Brooke 		Ehrhart		Buffalo Soccer Club
Katie		Heller		The Straight Skinny
Jarrell		Hughes		Sneakerheads 4 Education
Emily		Hurlburt 	Envisage
Mark 		Inman		Golem
Jason 		MacBain		The Only Game In Town
Megan		Mangini		Lovely Sisters Louise
Christopher 	Michel 		The Salamanca Press Pass
Katie		Peek 		Blums Swimwear & Intimate Apparel
Alan		Riddle		Becoming Sounder
Stephen		Sanfilippo 	Kloc's
Jessica 	Schiefer 	Purple Heart Strings
Brent 		Tyler		Zippo Hand Warmer
Allison		Whalen		The Buffalo Triathlon Club
Courtney 	Wilhelm 	Lakeside Lodge
December 2010
First		Last		Title
Andrew		Brown		The Childs Play Charity
Genevieve 	Carbone 	The Western New York Make a Wish Foundation
Nicholas 	David		One by One
Kathrine 	Decker		Trading Post Community Care Center
Katie		Essner		The Girl Scouts of the USA Girl Zone Website
Megan		Hoare		NU Studio
Catherine 	Kaicher 	Rapt In Science
Stephen		Lingle		The Pittsburgh Raquet & Fitness Campaign 
Ashley		Miller		The Gas Light Brewery
Amber		Pietrobono
Amber		Scheck		"Buffalo Envy All Stars, Inc."
Lauren		Thomas		Simply Fit
Lindsay		Varga		A Strategic Vision

May 2011

First		Last		Title
Brian		Bayer		Genesee Beer 
Thomas		Burke III 	Zoot Entertainment
Nicole		Burris		Corning Museum of Glass
Thomas 		Buttaffaro  	Service: It's a Bona Thing
Peter		Cauvel		WSBU Campus Radio
Joseph 		Deluca		The National Hockey League
Gary		Gavaron		Chevrolet Volt 
Katelyn		Gensler		Summer Season at Holiday Valley
Julie B. 	Gordon		Joyful Rescues 
Ruth A.		Harper		SBU Career Center
Brittany J. 	Henry 		Michael's        
Ashley		Sandau		Panera Bread  
Christine P. 	O'Rourke	Summer Stage: West
Ed		Perry		Dream Careers 
Jessica		Nothnagle 	Rochester City Ballet
Jonathan 	Luce		Erie Bayhawks

December 2011

First		Last		Title
Jessica		Andrews		Sweet Jenny's 
Donna M. 	Banach		A Recruitment Initiative for the Graduate Interdisciplinary Degree Program at the University at Buffalo 
Linda		DePasquale 	Nutrition Concepts
Thomas 		Durante		Lexington Co-operative Market
Daphne 		Inman		The Tops Markets Cooking School
Christopher 	Leonard 	Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation/Northeast OH Chapter
Mary		Mahoney		Expanding the Snow Sport Culture of Kissing Bridge 
Amanda		McClure		Spring Brook Fire District
Robert		McGlenn		Mad River Glen 
Kelly		Merz		BLUSH           
Jennifer 	Starkey 	Niagara USA   
Alyssa		VanDurme 	Total Surprise 
Megan		Wagner		Buffalo Small Paw Rescue


First 		Last		Subject
Averi M. 	Ahsmann 	TOMS Shoes
Nadia		Babar		Chanel for Topshop
Dan		Bates	  	Rochester Americans
Anthony 	Burke		Wegmans: Graduate to Organic
Peter S.	Burns		Hilbert College
Kate 		Burt 		Start Your Own Tradition: An Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign for Vera Bradley
Frank C.	Castiglia	Castiglia Funeral Hame, Erie County Cremation Service, Erie County Pet Cremation Service
Brittany	Davies		An IMC Plan for CoverGirl
Samuel		Dibble		Diabolical Flamingo: An IMC Plan for Armada Skis Inc. 
Jenna M. 	Dulak		An IMC Plan to create an online degree in Criminal Justice for Hilbert College 
Jennifer	Dryndas		Applebee's
Kaitlin		Flor	  	Upstate Wine country
Stephanie M. 	George		Organic 3 Cafe 
Lauren 		Guerrieri 	QVC Online
Joseph D.	Guastaferro 	Macbeth Footwear
Sarah		Ingham	 	Netflix
Katie		Klimek		The Rochester Redwings 
Elyse Marie 	Kosakowski 	Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Megan		Latshaw		The Walt Disney Company: An IMC Plan
Jeremiah	Lee		Truck-Lite Off-Road Lighting
Dominick	Lisi		Smartwater
Kelly 		Mazella 	The Buffalo State Alumni Association
Daniel F. 	McCarthy	Mighty Taco
Michelle J. 	McKernan 	The Girl Effect 
Jocelyn		O'Steen		Mobile Grocery Shopping for Wegmans Food Markets
Vanessa		Pillmore 	Syracuse University Women's Basketball
Sia		Rogers		MS Eye Candy Boutique 
Lisa		Scibetta-Bruce Illuminates Asian LED Market
Robert J. 	Selby		An IMC Plan to Bring Rich Products Corporations' Ultimate Breakfast Round to St. Bonaventure University
Kellan F. 	Terry		Young Men to Gentlemen: A Brand Expansion Proposition for GQ
Andrew		Zona		Paula's Donuts
First		Last		Subject
Rashed Aldossary Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Apple Store in Saudi Arabia
Priyanka	Athavale	Highlighting the Expansion of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in India
Shannon		Barie		The Ultimate IMC Plan for the UFC
Erik Bauerlein Winery of Ellicottville: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
Michael		Blankenship	ICCompassion: Becoming a Neighbor
Denise Bunk-Hatch Do Something: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Franciscan Sisters of Allegany Associate Program
Anderson	Conte		Organic Passions: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Stonyfield Farm
Lindsey Czapla An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for TJ Hirsch Enterprises
Bill		Dubiel		Advocates, Inc. 
Sean Flanagan The National Bar Crawl Association: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Syracuse, NY Stephanie Friedline Ten Lives Club: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
Amber Grekalski Triad Apparel Marketing Communications Plan
Bill Hogan [24 in 24] Therapeutic Foster Parent Recruitment: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
Alaina M. Houseknecht Big Ditch Brewing Company: An Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
Stacy		Jasinski	An IMC Plan for Buffalo Wild Wings to ensure expansion to England
Colleen		Knopeck		An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for the Cupcake Cupboard
Tracy A. Krawczyk-Schiedel Integrated marketing Communications Plan for Growth in the Orthotic and Prosthetic (O&P) Market
Tony 		Lee		An IMC Plan for Windows 8: Revolutionizing Smartphones for Mothers
Robert J. Lingle Sergio for Mayor: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
Dominica	Luzzi		Penn Shore Winery and Vineyards: An IMC Plan 
Jessica 	Misiaszek	Think Nature, Think Puma: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Puma
Samantha Nephew Coolture: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
Danielle	Pendlebury	An IMC Proposal for Sheetz: Expanding the Made to Order (MTO) Food Service Initiative
Adina Pera You and Who: An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
John		Powers		The Jamestown Ironmen Hockey Team
Santana L. 	Questa		M.A.C. Cosmetics presents the Disney "Pretty Princess" Collection
Amanda J. 	Rossney-Koneski	To Write Love on Her Arms
Kristen F. Schober An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Nardin Academy's Office of Institutional Advancement
Mary Margaret 	Schumer		An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Lululemon athletica
Sara C. Serafin Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for The Sweet Hearth
Jessica R. 	Seymour		Broadening Markets: An IMC Campaign for Tractor Supply and 4health Dog Food
Emily		Sorokes 	Reaching the Pinnacle: An IMC Plan for Pinnacle Vodka
Cassandra 	Stubbs		Custom Creation From The Beach: An IMC Plan to Launch CMC Creations
Kristin 	Sullivan	Fight Dirty: An IMC Plan for Method
Spencer M. 	Timkey		Welcome to the New Era: An Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan developed for New Era Cap, Co. 
Travis A. 	Tingue		Majestic Wind Technologies: An IMC Campaign
Renee Valentino An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for George and Company
Michael 	Vitron		Graduate to Brewerie: An IMC Plan to Launch Brewerie at Union Station Bottled Beer
Robert J. Zielonka An IMC Plan for RJZ Photography


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