This site includes the reminiscences of alumni.  

Some are sent directly to us, others have been passed along by family members or others who recognize their value to the history of St. Bonaventure University.  

Many include memorabilia along with the stories.  Those are also represented here.

In some cases the text is edited to remove material not related to Bonas.

Our contributors:

Hugh Daly (1943)
Bernard Dombrowski (1919)
Hubert J. Erb (1951)
Pacificus Kennedy, OFM (1930)

Fran Sheridan (1960)
Joe Simini (1940)

For more alumni tales, specifically ROTC members, check out the Oral History pages.

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Simini, Dombrowski, Erb, Daly and Kennedy  stories added 5/11/2007 by D. Frank
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