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Franciscan Studies: Monographic Series
New York: Joseph Wagner & Paterson, NJ: St. Anthony Guild

1. Science in the Franciscan Order: A Historical Sketch / John M. Lenhart. 1924.

2. St. Bonaventure: The Seraphic Doctor. His Life and Works / Ludger Wegemer. St. Bonaventure on the Knowledge of God / Vincent Mayer. 1924.

3. The Origin and Development of the Franciscan School: Duns Scotus and St. Thomas. Note of the Formal Distinction of Scotus. Note on the Forma Corporeitatis of Scotus / Berard Vogt. 1925.

4. Ven. John Duns Scotus: His Life and Works / Edwin Dorzweiler. The Doctrine of Ven. John Duns Scotus Concerning the Causality of the Sacraments / Raphael Huber. The Teaching of Ven. John Duns Scotus Concerning the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady / Vincent Mayer. 1926.

5. Language Studies in the Franciscan Order: An Historical Sketch / John M. Lenhart. 1926.

6. Franciscan Mysticism: A Critical Examination of The Mystical Theology of the Seraphic Doctor / Dunstan Dobbins. 1927.

7. History of Franciscan Preaching and of Franciscan Preachers (1209-1927) / Anscar Zawart. 1928.

8. The Capuchins in French Louisiana (1722-1766) / Claude Vogel. 1928.

9. Père Girard, Educator / Andrew Maas. 1931.

10. Ignatius Cardinal Persico, O. M. Cap. / Donald Shearer. Pioneer Capuchin Missionaries in the United States (1784-1816) / Norbert Miller. 1932.

11. Pontificia Americana: A Documentary History of the Catholic Church in the United States (1784-1884) / Donald Shearer. 1933.

12. The Ludwig-Missionsverein and the Church in the United States (1838-1918) / Theodore Roemer. 1933.

13. The Franciscan Père Marquette: A Critical Biography of Father Zénobe Membré, O.F.M., La Salleís Chaplain and Missionary Companion / Marion Habig. 1934.

14. Pre-Reformation Printed Books: A Stidy in Statistical and Applied Bibliography / John M. Lenhart. 1935.

15. Catholic Leadership toward Social Progress: The Third Order / Marion Habig. 1935.

16. Pioneer Capuchin Letters / Theodore Roemer. 1936.

17. Roger Baconís Contribution to Knowledge / Edward Lutz. 1936.

18. The Martyrs of Florida (1513-1616) / Luís Gerónimo de Oré, tr. Maynard Geiger. 1936.

19. The Portiuncula Indulgence from Honorius III to Pius to Pius XI / Raphael M. Huber. 1938.

20. The Franciscans in Medieval English Life (1224-1348) / Victor G. Green. 1939.

21. Biographical Dictionary of the Franciscans in Spanish Florida and Cuba (1528-1841) / Maynard Geiger. 1940.

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