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Major Franciscan Periodicals

(This list does not include provincial publications, newsletters, popular or devotional literature. The periodicals listed are either in English or one of the major European languages)

Franciscan periodicals mainly with Franciscan content

Archivo Ibero-Americano [OFM] (Madrid, 1914-1934, new series 1941- )
History of Franciscans in Spain and Spanish missions.

Archivum Franciscanum Historicum [OFM] (Quaracchi/Grottaferrata: Collegio San Bonaventura, 1908- )[Index: v.1-50 (1908-1957)]
Franciscan History

Bibliographia Franciscana [OFMCap] (Rome, 1931- ) [Index: v. 1-11 (1931-1970)]
Bibliography of Franciscan studies & publications.
Issued as part of Collectanea Franciscana 1-12 (1931-1942); Issued separately as v. 6- (1942- )

Boletin de Historia de la Tercera Orden Franciscana [TOR] (Spain, 1987- )

Bolletino della Societa Internazionale di Studi Francescani (Assisi, 1904-1946)

Capuchin Educational Conference [OFMCap] (1938-1964)
Franciscan education.

Cenacolo Serafico (Naples: Centro Francescano di Cultura Religiosa,
Theology, 1949- )

Chiara díAssisi (Assisi: Protomonasterio di Santa Clara, 1953- )
Clare studies.

Collectanea Franciscana [OFMCap] (Rome, 1931- ) [Index: v. 1-40 (1931-1970)]
Franciscan History

Contact (Phillipines: Franciscan Institute of Asia, 1980- )
Franciscan spirituality.

Cord (St. Bonaventure, NY: Franciscan Institute, 1950- ) [Index: v. 1-25 (1950-1975)]
Franciscan spirituality.

Cuadernos Franciscanos (Chile: Centro de Estudios Franciscanos y Pastorales para America Latina, 1968- )
Franciscan spirituality.

Doctor Seraphicus (Viterbo: Centro di Studi Bonaventuriani, 1954- )
Bonaventurian studies.

Estudios Franciscanos [OFMCap] (Barcelona, 1907-1922, 1948- )
Changed its name to Estudis Franciscans from 1923 to 1936, then back to the original name in 1948. It was not published at all between 1936 and 1948.

Estudios Lullianos (1957-1990)
Studies concerning Ramon Llull.
Succeeding title: Studia Lulliana.

Estudis Franciscans [OFMCap] (Barcelona, 1923-1936)
Preceeding & succeeding title: Estudios Franciscanos

Etudes Franciscaines [OFMCap] (Paris, 1899-1939 [v. 1-50], new series 1950-1977)
[Index: v. 21-40 (1909-1928)]

Forma Sororum [OSC] (Assisi, 1963?- )
Clare studies and Franciscan spirituality.

La France Franciscaine (1912-1939) [v. 1-22]
History of Franciscans in France.

Franciscan Digest (Phillipines, 1991- )
Franciscan spirituality.

Franciscan Educational Conference, Report of the Annual Meeting (1919-1969)
Franciscan education and history [Index: v. 1-15 (1919-1933)]

Franciscan Studies (St. Bonaventure, NY: Franciscan Institute, 1924- )
Franciscan history, philosophy & theology.
Issued as a monographic series: v. 1-21 (1924-1940); Issued as a periodical: v. 22- (1941- ), also begins numbering as an annual.

Franciscana (Sint-Truiden, Belgium: Instituut voor Franciscaanse Geschiedenis, 1945- )
Franciscan studies.

Franciscana (Italy: Societa Internazionale di Studi Francescani, 1999- )

Franzikanische Studien [OFM](Werl/Westfalen, 1914-1995)
Merged with Wissenschaft und Weisheit.

Frate Fancescano [OFMCap] (Asissi, 1924-1979)

Greyfriars Review (St. Bonaventure, N.Y., 1987-)
English translations of articles and texts of Franciscan interest.

Haversack (Chicago, 1977-1999)
Franciscan social concern.

LíItalia Francescana [OFMCap] (Rome, 1926-1991, new series 1992- )
Franciscan studies.

Ius Seraphicum [OFMCap] (Rome: College of St. Lawrence of Brindisi, 1955-1959)
Franciscan law.
Succeeding title: Laurentianum.

Miscellanea Francescana [OFMConv] (Rome, 1886- )
Franciscan studies and general theology.

New Round Table [OFMCap] (Detroit, 1982-1987) [v.35-40]
Preceding title: Round Table of Franciscan Research.

Picenum Seraphicum (Ancona, Italy, 1963- )
Franciscan history of the Marches of Ancona.

Propositum [OSF] (Rome, 1994- )
Franciscan spirituality.

Revue díHistoire Franciscaine (Paris, 1924-1931) [v. 1-8]
Franciscan history, mainly in France.

Round Table of Franciscan Research [OFMCap](1935-1969) [v. 1-34]
Franciscan studies.
Succeeding title: New Round Table.

Il Santo (Padua: Centro Studi Antoniani, 1961- )
Studies concerning St. Anthony.

Selecciones de Franciscanismo (Spain, 1972- )
Spanish translations of articles and texts of Franciscan interest.

Studi Francescani [OFM] (Florence, 1903-1983)
Franciscan studies along with general theology and culture.

Studia Lulliana (1991- )
Studies concerning Ramon Llull.
Preceding title:
Estudios Lullianos

Tau (Bangalore, India, 1976- )
Franciscan spirituality.

La Venezie Francescane (1932-1958, new series 1984- ) [Index: v. 1-25 (1932-1958)]

La Verna (Italy, 1903-1913)

Vita Minorum [OFM] (Italy, 1929?- )
Franciscan spirituality.

Wissenschaft und Weisheit [OFM] (Monchengladbach, 1934- )
Franciscan and Augustinian theology and philosophy.
Franziskanische Studien merged with this in 1995.

Franciscan periodicals with more generalized content

The Americas (American Academy of Franciscan History, 1944- )
American studies and Franciscans in America.

Antonianum [OFM] (Rome: Pontificio Ateneo Antoniano, 1926- ) [Index: v. 1-30 (1926-1955)]
Philosophy and theology.

Bonaventura [OFMCap] (Dublin, 1937- )
General and Irish studies.

Capuchin Annual [OFMCap] (Dublin, 1931-1977)
Irish and general studies.

Carthaginensia [OFM] (Murcia: Instituto Teologico de Murcia, 1985- )

Colectanea de Estudos (Braga, Portugal, 1946- )
Succeeding title: Itinerarium.

Collectanea Hibernica [OFM] (Ireland: Franciscan House of Celtic Studies and Historical Research, 1958- )
Irish history.

Convivium Assisiense (Assisi: Istituto Teologica, Istituto Superiore di Scienze Religiose, 1993- )
Theology and religious studies.

Evangile aujourdíhui (Paris, 1964- )

Franciscanum (Bogota, Columbia: Universidad de San Buenaventura, 1959- )

IFEAL, Revista de Espiritualidad Latinoamericana (Bogota, Columbia: Instituto Franciscano de Espiritualidad para America Latina, 1993- )
Spirituality and social concern.

Itinerarium (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1945- )

Itinerarium (Braga, Portugal, 1955- )
Preceding title: Colectanea de Estudos

Laurentianum [OFMCap] (Rome: Collegio Internazionale di S. Lorenzo a Brindisi, 1960- )
Theology and Franciscan studies.

Liber Anuus (Jerusalem: Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, 1951- )
Holy Land studies.

Naturaleza y Gracia [OFMCap] (Spain, 1954- )
Theology and general studies.

Revista Eclesiastica Brasileira (Petropolis, Brazil, 1941- )
Theology and social concern.

Rivista de Filosofia Neo-Scolastica (Milan: Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, 1909- )

Verdad y Vida (Madrid, 1943- )

Vita e Pensiero (Milan: Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, 1915- )
Cultural studies.


Official organs of branches of the Order

Acta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum [OFM] (Rome, 1882-)

Analecta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum [OFMCap] (Rome, 1884-)

Analecta Tertii Ordinis Regularis Sancti Francisci [TOR] (Rome, 1933-)

Commentarium Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Conventualium [OFMConv] (Rome, 1915-)


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