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Major Sources of Franciscan Bibliography

(arranged chronologically by original imprint date)

Henry Willot. Athenae Orthodoxorum Sodalitii Franciscani. Leodii: Arnuldus a Coursvvaremia, 1598.

Luke Wadding. Scriptores Ordinis Minorum. Rome, 1906.
[Originally pub. 1650. Lists 1919 authors & 530 martyrs]

Juan, de San Antonio. Bibliotheca Universa Franciscana. Madrid, 1732-33. (3 v.)
[Reprinted: Farnborough: Gregg, 1966]

Giovanni Giacinto Sbaraglia. Supplementum et Castigatio ad Scriptores Trium Ordinum S. Francisci a Waddingo. Rome, 1908-21. (3 v.)
[Originally pub. 1806. Lists 3583 authors & 681 martyrs. A supplement to Wadding. Includes new entries and corrections to old ones.]

Marcellino, da Civezza. Saggio di Bibliografia Geografica Storica Etnografica San Francescana. Prato: R. Guasti, 1879. (2 v.)

Bibliographia Franciscana. 1931-
[Coverage starts for the year 1929. First 5 volumes issued as a section of Collectanea Franciscana in volumes 1-12 (1931-42). Issued separately afterwards starting with v.6. General index for 1931-1970 edited by Claudius Van De Laar.]

Irenaeus Herscher. A Preliminary Check-List of Franciscan Books and Pamphlets. 1952.

A Check-List of Franciscan Books, Theses, Pamphlets. 1958.
[Short title listings of over 18,000 items]

Ermenegildo Frascadore & Herwig Ooms. Bibliografia delle Bibliografie Francescane. Quaracchi, 1965.
[Contains 2760 entries. Originally appeared in Archivum Franciscanum Historicum 57, 58 & 60 (1964-1967)]

Manuel de Castro. Bibliografia de las Bibliografias Francescanas Espanolas e Hispanoamericanas. Madrid: Cisneros, 1982.

Roland Prejs. Polska Bibliografia Francizkanska. Poznan: Franciszkanie, 1998- .
[1. 1989-1991.—2. 1992-1994.— ]

General Study Guides
(arranged chronologically by original imprint date)

Pascal Robinson. Short Introduction to Franciscan Literature. New York: Tennant & Ward, 1907.

Andrew G. Little. Guide to Franciscan Studies. London: S.P.C.K., 1920.

Raphael Huber. "Sources of the Life of St. Francis" & "Sources of Franciscan History" Documented History of the Franciscan Order (1182-1517). Milwaukee: Nowiny, 1944. (p. 519-604).

Raphael Brown. "A Francis of Assisi Research Bibliography: Comprehensive for 1939-1969, Selective for Older Materials" in St. Francis of Assisi, Writings and Early Biographies: English Omnibus of the Sources for the Life of St. Francis / ed. Marion Habig. 3rd revised edition. Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press, 1973. (p. 1667-1760).
[Originally published in Saint Francis of Assisi: A Biography / Omer Englebert. 2nd English edition. Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press, 1965. (p. 493-607).]

Special Topics

Alphonse Coan. "The History of Franciscan Dogmatists" Franciscan Educational Conference 4 (1922) 105-155.

Bernard Cuneo. "Biblical Scholars in the Franciscan Order: A Historical Sketch" Franciscan Educational Conference 7 (1925) 30-131.

John Lenhart. "Science in the Franciscan Order: A Historical Sketch" Franciscan Educational Conference 5 (1923) 49-75.

John Lenhart. "Franciscan Historians of North America" Franciscan Educational Conference 18 (1936) 1-52.

Victor Mills. "Bibliography of Franciscan Ascetical Writers" Franciscan Educational Conference 8 (1926) 248-332.

Anscar Zawart. "The History of Franciscan Preaching and of Franciscan Preachers (1209-1927): A Bio-bibliographical Study" Franciscan Educational Conference 9 (1927) 243-587.

Capuchin (general)
(arranged in chronological order by original imprint date)

Dionigi da Genova. Bibliotheca Scriptorum Ordinis Minorum S. Francisci Capuccinorum. Geneva: J. B. Scionici, 1691. [2nd edition]

Bernardo da Bologna. Bibliotheca Scriptorum Ordinis Minorum S. Francisci Capuccinorum Retexta & Extensa. Venice: S. Coleti, 1747.

Johann Maria von Regensburg. Catalogus Scriptorum Ordinis Minorum S. Francisci Capuccinorum ab Anno 1747 usque ad Annum 1852. Rome: C. A. Bertinelli, 1852.

Lexicon Capuccinum; Promptuarum Historico-Bibliographicum Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum (1525-1950). Rome, 1951.


Giovanni Franchini. Bibliosophia, e Memorie Letterarie di Scrittori Francescani Conventuali ch’Hanno Scritto Dopo l’Anno 1585. Modena: Soliani, 1693.

Domenico Sparacio. Frammenti Bio-Bibliografici di Scrittori ed Autori Minori Conventuali: Dagli Ultimi Anni 1600 al 1930. Assisi: Casa Editrice Francescana, 1931.
[Originally appeared in Miscellanea Francescana 27-31 (1927-31)]


Juan, de San Antonio. Minorum Fratrum Origine, Domiciliove Discalceatorum, Attramento, & Sanguine Scriptorum Bibliotheca Pro Supplemento Waddinginae. Salamanca, 1728.


Compiled by Paul J. Spaeth

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