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Francis of Assisi
(1182 - 1226)


Encyclopedia articles:  R. Bucher (ER); L. Di Fonzo (DIP); L. Hardick (NCE); L.K. Little (DMA); E. Longpre (DS, under “Freres Mineurs”); A. Pompei, L. Di Fonzo (BS); P. Robinson (CE)    [Abbreviation key]


Works: English 

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Complete Collections of Works and Early Biographies: English  

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Other Collections  

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I Fioretti; or, The Little Flowers of St. Francis

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Biographies and Studies

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[The value of this particular edition is greatly enhanced by the extensive notes added by Brady, and the inclusion of a research bibliography by Brown] 

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[An abridged translation by Helen Moak of the 5 vol. Italian original published in 1959]  

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 Journal Articles

“Francis of Assisi” Christian History 13.2 (1994) [entire issue]

"St. Francis of Assisi" Sojourners 10.12 (December 1981) 12-24.
[A series of short articles and reflections] 

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Works: Latin Critical Edition  

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Works and Early Biographies: Latin Critical Edition  

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Complete Collections of Works and Early Biographies: French  

Theophile Desbonnets, Damien Vorreux (ed.) Saint Francois d’Assise: Documents et Premieres Biographies. 2nd ed. Paris: Editions Franciscaines, 1968.


Complete Collections of Works and Early Biographies: Italian

Fonti Francescane: Scritti e Biografie di San Francesco d’Assisi, Cronache e Altre Testimonianze del Primo Secolo Francescano, Scritti Biografie di Sana Chiara d’Assisi. 3rd ed. Padua: Edizioni Messaggero Padova, 1983.


Complete Collections of Works and Early Biographies: Portuguese  

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Complete Collections of Works and Early Biographies: Spanish  

Juan R. de Legisima, Lino Gomez Canedo (eds.) San Francisco de Asis: Sus Escritos, Las Florecillas, Biografias del Santo por Celano, San Buenaventura y Los Tres Companeros, Espejo de Perfeccion. 5th ed. Madrid: BAC, 1971. 

Jose Antonio Guerra (ed.) San Francisco de Asis : Escritos, Biografias, Documentos de la Epoca. Madrid: BAC, 1978.  

  Compiled by Anthony J. LoGalbo, OFM and Paul J. Spaeth

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