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British Society of Franciscan Studies
Aberdeen: University Press & Oxford: Clarendon Press & Manchester: University Press

1. Liber Exemplorum ad Usum Praedicantum, Saeculo XIII Compositus a Quodam Fratre Minore Anglico de Provincia Hiberniae / ed. A.G. Little. 1908.

2. John Pecham. Tractatus Tres De Paupertate / ed. C. L. Kingsford, A.G. Little, F. Tocco. 1910.

3. Roger Bacon. Compendium Studii Theologiae / ed. H. Rashdall. 1911.

4. Roger Bacon. Part of the Opus Tertium / ed. A.G. Little. 1912.

5. Collectanea Franciscana I. 1914.
[1. Brother William of England, companion of St. Francis, and some Franciscan Drawings in the Matthew Paris Manuscripts / A. G. Little.—2. Description of a Franciscan manuscript, formerly in the Phillipps Library, now in the possession of A. G. Little.—3. The Library of the Grey Friars of Hereford / M. R. James.—4. A Short notice of some manuscripts of the Cambridge Friars, now in the Vatican Library / H. M. Bannister.—5. Records of the Franciscan Province of England / A. G. Little]

6. Grey Friars of London, Their History with the Register of Their Convent and an Appendix of Documents / ed. C. L. Kingford. 1915.

7. Some New Sources for the Life of Blessed Agnes of Bohemia / ed. W. W. Seton. 1915.

8. Blessed Giles of Assisi / ed. W. W. Seton. 1918.

9. Materials for the History of the Franciscan Province of Ireland / ed. E. B. Fitzmaurice, A.G. Little. 1920.

10. Collectanea Franciscana II. 1922.
[1. Notes on documents in Cathedral Library at Canterbury relating to the Grey Friars / C. Cotton.—2. The Gospel harmony of John de Caulibus or S. Bonaventura / M. Deanesly.—3. Friar Alexander and his historical interpretation of the Apocalypse / J. P. Gilson.—4. The List of libraries prefixed to the catalogue of John Boston and the kindred documents / M. R. James.—5. Additional material for the history of the Grey Friars, London / C. L. Kingsford.—6. Friar Henry of Woodstone and the Jews / A. G. Little]

11. Nicholas Glasberger and his works, with the text of his Maior Cronica Boemorum Moderna (A.D. 1200-1310) / Walter Seaton. 1923.

12. The Order of Minoresses in England / A. F. C. Bourdillon. 1926.

13. Le Speculum Perfectionis; ou, Memoires de Frere Leon sur la Seconde Partie de la Vie de Saint Francois d’Assise. Tome I: Texte Latin / ed. Paul Sabatier. 1928.

14. Roger Bacon. De Retardatione Accidentium Senectutis cum aliis Opusculis de Rebus Medicinalibus / ed. A.G. Little, E. Withington. 1928.

15. St. Louis of Toulouse and the Process of Canonization in the Fourteenth Century / Margaret R. Toynbee. 1929.

16. Franciscan Philosophy at Oxford in the Thirteenth Century / Dorothea E. Sharp. 1930.

17. Le Speculum Perfectionis: ou, Memoires de Frere Leon sur la Seconde Partie de la Vie de Saint Francois d’Assise. Tome II: Etude Critique / Paul Sabatier. 1931.

18. Franciscan Architecture in England / A. R. Martin. 1937.

19. Franciscan History and Legend in English Mediaeval Art / ed. A.G. Little. 1937.
[1. Franciscan influence in English medieval wall-painting / E. W. Tristram.—2. Screen paintings / W. W. Lillie.—3. Franciscan saints in English mediaeval glass and embroidery / C. Woodfordie.—4. Illuminated manuscripts / A. G. Little.—5. The seals of the Franciscans / H. S. Kingsford.—6. Sculpture and miscellaneous / A. G. Little]

Extra Series:

1. Franciscan Essays I. 1912.
[1. L’Originalite de Saint Francois d’Assise / Paul Sabatier.—2. St. Francis and poverty / Father Cuthbert.—3. St. Clare / Paschal Robinson.—4. Joachim of Flora and the everlasting gospel / Edmund G. Gardner.—5. Franciscans at Oxford / A. G. Little.—6. A Franciscan mystic of the thirteenth century: Blessed Angela of Foligno / Evelyn Underhill.—7. Ubertino da Casale / Emma Gurney Salter]

2. The Grey Friars of Canterbury 1224 to 1538: A Contribution to the 700th Anniversary of Their Arrival in England / Charles Cotton. 1924.

3. Franciscan Essays II. 1932.
[A note on the history and work of the Society.—1. The seventh centenary of St. Francis of Assisi (1226-1926) / A. G. Little.—2. St. Francis of Assisi and some of his biographers / F. C. Burkitt.—3. Fonte Columbo and its traditions / F. C. Burkitt.—4. Brother Giles of Perugia / F. C. Burkitt.—5. Brother Elias as the leader of the Assisian party in the order / Harold E. Goad.—6. Chronicles of the mendicant friars / A. G. Little]

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