Films in the Classroom
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Introduction:  Feature Films for Clare Courses (& Other Classes)

Subject content access to films is often one of the most difficult approaches. But many times instructors wish to use feature films that address course content issues.  In order to respond to those needs we have put together a website that contains a database of films in relation to the subject matter for Clare and other courses presently being taught.  The films listed are for the most part feature-length films that have seen theatrical distribution.  The entirety of the films selected address the subject matter under which they are listed.  Not all films bearing on a particular topic have been listed.  Rather the authors of the database have reviewed and chosen films that they consider to be among the better films from the point of view of film aesthetics.  Another item on this website is a bibliography of filmographies in various subject areas and genres.

It is our intention to update this website on at least an annual basis, if not each semester.  Suggestions for topics, or for films to be included on this website are welcome.  Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions you may have.

Many thanks to Ann Tenglund for her help in making our database available in its current form.


Roderick P. Hughes
Paul J. Spaeth