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Graduate Council Bylaws
(Amended Spring 2006; Fall 2009)


Curriculum Approval

Curriculum proposals are forwarded to the Chair of the Graduate Council (Chair) by the proposing unit for consideration. 

For those requests that have a substantial impact or involvement with another unit, documentation will accompany the proposal to indicate relevant discussion and consensus between the units on the proposal or progress toward resolution of any outstanding issues.  

The Chair will present the proposal to the Council for consideration. After appropriate consideration of the proposal, which may involve requests for revision, the Council will approve or disapprove the proposal.  

Approved proposals are forwarded to the President for action in accordance with the Constitution, Article V Section 2.


Graduate Faculty Status  


The President, the Provost & Academic Vice President, the Dean of Graduate Studies; and the Deans of all Schools, shall be ex officio members of the Graduate Faculty. All other faculty must be recommended for membership by their Deans and approved for membership by the Council.  

Members of the Graduate Faculty, other than ex officio members, must be full-time faculty; must be currently teaching a graduate course, supervising a thesis or graduate internship or within the previous three years, have taught a graduate course, supervised a thesis or graduate internship. Graduate Faculty ordinarily possess a doctoral degree in the field of assignment and/or, in certain fields, the appropriate professional degree or license.



Each member of the Graduate Faculty, excluding ex officio members, is entitled to vote in the election of their Schoolís representatives to the council; to vote concerning matters that come up for decision to the graduate Faculty as a whole; and to run for election to the Council.



Nomination to the Graduate Faculty shall be made in writing to the respective Schoolís Dean by the Program Director of the candidateís academic unit or of the unit in which the faculty member primarily teaches graduate courses. Nominations must include the candidateís vita and a brief letter from the Program Director or Department Chair supporting the nomination of the candidate.  

It is the Program Directorís or Department Chairís responsibility to petition the removal of faculty members whose graduate faculty status no longer meets the requirements listed in the MEMBERSHIP section above.  

At the beginning of each semester, the Deans will submit to the Dean of Graduate Studies a list of the new Graduate Faculty members and those who are no longer considered Graduate Faculty members by the definition presented earlier in these Bylaws for consideration at the first meeting of each academic semester (excluding summer sessions).



A current list of Graduate Faculty will be maintained by the Dean of Graduate Studies. The list will be distributed to all graduate faculty by the first day of October and the first day of February of each academic year. The list will be constructed according to the guidelines mentioned in the previous sections of these Bylaws. It will list the Graduate Faculty memberís name, school and indicate if membership is ex officio.



Graduate Faculty are eligible to be elected as Council members in accordance with Sections 2 of Article II of the Constitution and Article VIII. The length of term of an elected Council member is two years. Although newly elected Council members will be invited to attend the April meeting of the Council, terms do not begin until the day after Commencement of the Spring semester. Membersí terms expire on the day of Commencement of the Spring semester. Members may be elected for an indefinite number of terms.



The Dean of the School of graduate Studies will schedule a meeting with all recipients of graduate assistantships at the beginning of each academic year, in order to elect a student representative to serve on the Council. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies is responsible for notifying all graduate assistants of this meeting. This meeting and the selection process will be held prior to the first September Council meeting. This student must be available to attend meetings, be in good academic standing, and be a full-time student in the School of Graduate Studies . The term of office for the student representative is one year, to expire on the day after Commencement of the Spring semester.

 This revised version was posted to the Web on April 23, 2009.