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Smoke Free Workplace Policy

To protect nonsmokers from involuntary exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in indoor areas open to the public, and to preserve the health, comfort and environment of the people of New York, the Legislature has enacted a law regulating smoking in certain public areas including private educational institutions.

St. Bonaventure University, as an educational community and consistent with the Franciscan values which recognize the sanctity of human life, complies with this New York State mandated health policy.

In compliance with State Law, then, and faithful to the core values of St. Bonaventure University, the following smoking regulations have been adopted:

1. Smoke-free Workplace: St. Bonaventure University guarantees its employees and students a Smoke-free Workplace.

a) Smoking is prohibited in ALL indoor areas of the University, including University vehicles

b) Smoking is not permitted in any residence facility, at anytime

c) Smoking is prohibited within 30 feet or less distance from all entrances to all university buildings

2. Tobacco Products: Sale of Tobacco products will be restricted on campus.

3. Posting of Signs: No smoking signs will be prominently displayed. Additionally, copies of this policy will be posted on the University website, in the Student Handbook and Employee handbooks and available to all employees and prospective employees upon request.

4. Enforcement: Failure to comply with this policy places both the smoker and the University at risk of substantial civil penalty.

a) Sanctions

1st Violation: Warning 2nd Violation: Reprimand 3rd Violation: $25.00Fine

4th and Subsequent Violation: $50.00 Fine

b) Flagrant repeated violations of this policy may be cause for further disciplinary action up to and including dismissal (for employees) or expulsion (for students). These sanctions will be assessed through already existing University Procedures.

5. Responsible Person: Complaints may be directed to the Director of Security, the Universitys agent responsible for enforcing this policy.

(Last Modified August 2006)