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University Closing Policy

In rare circumstances, the University may be forced to close due to severe weather or unexpected catastrophe. Any closing of the University will be announced on area and regional radio and television stations. The Vice President for Public Relations will consult with the Vice President for Student Life, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and other appropriate executives, as needed before announcing a decision to cancel classes, to close administrative offices, or to close the University, and to notify area media of the closing.

If the closing occurs during the workday, some employees may need to remain until the close of business because their positions are vital to maintaining the health, safety and welfare of the University community. All vice presidents shall determine which employees in their areas reflect this criteria. (Examples might be security, maintenance workers, or others deemed necessary for operations.) These employees should be notified that due to that status, early release will not apply to them unless their Vice President determines otherwise at the time of the early closing announcement.

If the University closes during the workday a notice will be broadcast on the Groupwise Notice Board. Public Relations will notify each Vice Presidents office by phone so that employees in their areas affected by the closing can be notified.

NOTE: The Cancellation of classes held in Buffalo will be determined by the Executive Director of the Buffalo programs.