G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

A Selective Bibliography


The Autobiography of G. K. Chesterton. 1936.



The Napoleon of Notting Hill. 1904.

The Club of Queer Trades. 1905.

The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare. 1908.

The Ball and the Cross. 1909.

Manalive. 1912.

The Flying Inn. 1914.

The Man Who Knew Too Much. 1922.

Tales of the Long Bow. 1925.

The Return of Don Quixote. 1927.

The Poet and the Lunatic. 1929.

Four Faultless Felons. 1930.

The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond. 1937.


Fr. Brown Detective Series [short stories collected from journals]

The Innocence of Fr. Brown. 1911.

The Wisdom of Fr. Brown. 1914.

The Incredulity of Fr. Brown. 1926.

The Secret of Fr. Brown. 1927.

The Scandal of Fr. Brown. 1935.


Theological Writings

Orthodoxy. 1908.

St. Francis of Assisi. 1923.

The Everlasting Man. 1925.

The Catholic Church and Conversion. 1927.

The Thing. 1929.

Christendom in Dublin. 1932.

St. Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox. 1933.

The Well and the Shallows. 1935.


Literary Criticism

Twelve Types. 1902.

Robert Browning. 1903.

Charles Dickens. 1906.

George Bernard Shaw. 1909.

William Blake. 1910.

The Victorian Age in Literature. 1913.

Generally Speaking. 1928.

Robert Louis Stevenson. 1929.

Chaucer. 1932.


Social & Political Criticism

Heretics. 1905.

All Things Considered. 1908.

What’s Wrong With the World. 1910.

A Miscellany of Men. 1912.

Utopia of Usurers. 1917.

Fancies versus Fads. 1923.

William Cobbett. 1925.

The Outline of Sanity. 1926.

G.K.C. as M.C. 1929.

Avowals and Denials. 1938.

The End of the Armistice. 1940.

The Common Man. 1950.


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The Chesterton Review, 1974-


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