Edith Nesbit (1858-1924)

A Selective Bibliography


1899    The Story of the Treasure Seekers, Being the Adventures of the Bastable Children

in Search of a Fortune (Bastable series)


1901    The Would-be-goods, Being the Further Adventures of the Treasure Seekers

(Bastable series)


1902    Five Children and It (Psammead series)


1904    The Phoenix and the Carpet (Psammead series)


            New Treasure Seekers (Bastable series)


1905    Oswald Bastable and Others (Bastable series)


1906    The Story of the Amulet (Psammead series)


            The Railway Children


1907    The Enchanted Castle


1908    The House of Arden (House of Arden series)


            The Three Mothers


1909    Harding’sLuck (House of Arden series)


1910    The Magic City


1912    The Magic World


1913    Wet Magic


1925    Five of Us – and Madeline (Psammead series)

[published posthumously, edited by her daughter Mrs. Rosamond Sharp]


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