Charles Williams, 1886‑1945

A Select Chronological Bibliography


Literary Works


1912    The Silver Stair [poetry]

1917    Poems of Conformity [poetry]

1920    Divorce [poetry]

1924    Windows of Night [poetry]

1930    Heroes and Kings [poetry]

            War in Heaven [novel]

1931    Many Dimensions [novel]

            The Place of the Lion [novel]

            Three Plays [The Witch.—The Chaste Wanton.—The Rite of Passion]

1932    The Greater Trumps [novel]

1933    Shadows of Ecstasy [novel]

1936    Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury [verse play]

1937    Descent into Hell [novel]

1938    Taliessin Through Logres [poetry]

1939    Judgement at Chelmsford [verse play]

1944    The Region of the Summer Stars [poetry]

1945    The House of the Octopus [verse play]


1945    All Hallow's Eve [novel]

1948    Seed of Adam, and Other Plays [includes The Death of Good Fortune, The House by the

               Stable, Grab and Grace]

1954    Taliessin Through Logres and The Region of the Summer Stars [1st combined ed.]

1963    Collected Plays / ed. John Heath‑Stubbs.

1991    Arthurian Poets: Charles Williams / ed. David Llewellyn Dodds.

2000    The Masques of Amen House / ed. David Bratman.

Works of Criticism, Theology & History


1930    Poetry at Present.

1932    The English Poetic Mind.

1933    Reason and Beauty in the Poetic Mind.

            Bacon [biography]

1934    James I [biography]

1935    Rochester [biography]

1936    Queen Elizabeth [biography]

1937    Henry VII [biography]

            Stories of Great Names [Alexander, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Joan of Arc,

               Shakespeare, Voltaire, Wesley]

1938    He Came Down from Heaven [theology of the fall, sin, redemption, love]

1939    The Descent of the Dove: A Short History of the Holy Spirit in the Church.

1941    Religion and Love in Dante: The Theology of Romantic Love [pamphlet]

            The Way of Exchange [pamphlet]


1942    The Forgiveness of Sins [in Shakespeare & Christian theology]

1943    The Figure of Beatrice: A Study in Dante.



1946    Flecker of Dean Close.

1948    Arthurian Torso, containing the posthumous fragment of The Figure of Arthur

               by Charles Williams and a commentary on the Arthurian poems of Charles

       Williams by C.S. Lewis.

1958    The Image of the City and Other Essays / ed. Anne Ridler.  

1961    Selected Writings / ed. Anne Ridler.

1990    Outlines of Romantic Theology / ed. Mary Alice Hadfield.

1993    Essential Writings in Spirituality and Theology / ed. Charles Hefling.





1989    Letters to Lalange: The Letters of Charles Williams to Lois Lang-Sims / ed. Lois Lang-

               Sims & Glen Cavaliero.

2002    To Michal from Serge: Letters from Charles Williams to His Wife, Florence, 1939-1945 /

               ed. Roma A. King.


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