Charles Williams, 1886-1945
Publications on "The Matter of Britain":
The Arthurian Poems and Other Writings


1926    Working on the novel War in Heaven.

1930    Heroes and Kings. London: Sylvan Press [Tristram's Song to Iseult, Palmonides's
Song to Iseult, Lamoracke's Song to Morgause, Percivale's Song to Blanchfleur, A Song
of Palomides, Taliessin's Song of a Princess of Byzantium. The Song of the Riding of Galahad]

1931    New English Poems: A Miscellany of Contemporary Verse Never Before
/ ed. Lascelles Abercombie. London: V. Gollancz [Percivale's Song.
Taliessin's Song of Lancelot's Mass] 340-346.

Three Plays. London: Oxford University [Taliessin's Song of Logres. Taliessin's Song of
Byzantium. Taliessin's Song of the King's Crowning. Taliessin's Song of the Setting of
Galahad in the King's Bed]

1938    Taliessin Through Logres. London: Oxford University.

8 (March) [Prelude. Taliessin's Return to Logres. The Vision of Empire.
The Calling of Arthur] 19-30.

1939    Theology 39 (December) [Divites Dimisit (early version of  The Prayers of  the
Pope)] 421-424.

1940    Modern Verse 1900-1950 / ed. Phyllis M. Jones. London: Oxford University [The
Coming of Palomides]

1941    Dublin Review 208 (January) [Taliessin in the Rose Garden] 82-86.

Time and Tide
22 (March 15) [Dinadan's Song] 210.

Poetry Review 32 (March/April) [Charles Williams on Taliessin Through Logres] 77-81.

1942    Poetry 2 (London) [The Queen's Servant] 38-41.

1944    The Region of the Summer Stars. London: PL, Editions Poetry London,
Nicholson & Watson [reprinted by Oxford University Press, 1950]

Dublin Review 214 (April) [Malory and the Grail Legend] 144-153.


1948    Arthurian Torso: Containing the posthumous Fragment of The Figure of 
Arthur by Charles Williams and a commentary on the Arthurian Poems of Charles
Williams by C. S. Lewis
. London: Oxford University.

Penguin Anthology of Contemporary Verse / ed. Kenneth Allot. Hammondsworth:
Penguin [The Calling of Arthur] 73-74.

1953    The Faber Book of Twentieth Century Verse. Rev. ed. / ed. John Heath-Stubbs &
David Wright. London: Faber & Faber [Mount Badon. Taliessin's Song of the Unicorn.
Mount Badon. Taliessin's Song of the Unicorn] 336-339.

1958    Charles Williams: The Image of the City, and Other Essays / ed. Anne Ridler.
London: Oxford University [On the Arthurian Myth: Notes on the Arthurian Myth. The
Making of Taliessin. The Chances of Myth. Malory and the Grail Legend] 169-194.

1954    Taliessin Through Logres and the Region of the Summer Stars. London:        
Geoffrey Cumberledge & Oxford University.

1961    Charles Williams: Selected Writings / ed. Anne Ridler. London: Oxford
University [From Taliessin Through Logres. From The Region of the Summer Stars] 163-

1974    Taliessin Through Logres, the Region of the Summer Stars by Charles Williams
and Arthurian Torso by Charles Williams and C. S. Lewis
. Grand Rapids, Michigan:

1982    The Arthurian Poems of Charles Williams: Taliessin Through Logres and The  
Region of the Summer Stars
. Woodbridge, Suffolk: D. S. Brewer.

1991    Arthurian Poets: Charles Williams / ed. David Llewellyn Dodds. Woodbridge,
Suffolk: Boydell [pt.1 The published poems.—pt.2 Uncollected and unpublished poems]



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