A Selective Bibliography

of Works about

The Inklings (ca.1934-ca.1949)


Inklings: General Studies

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   [emphasizes “occult” elements & Barfield’s influence through anthroposophy]

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   [covers Williams most, then Lewis & Tolkien, then T.S. Eliot & Dorothy Sayers]

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Inklings: Collections of Essays

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Inklings: Featured in other Studies

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Inklings: Periodicals

Inklings Jahrbuch fur Literatur und Aesthetik (1983-     )

Mythlore (Mythopoetic Society, 1969-       )

VII: An Anglo-American Literary Review (Wade Center, Wheaton College, 1979-      )

   [Covers George MacDonald, G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles  

    Williams, Dorothy Sayers, Owen Barfield]


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