George MacDonald, 1824-1905


Selected works


1855  Within and Without: A Poem

1857  Poems

1858  Phantastes, a Faerie Romance for Men and Women

1863  David Elginbrod [Scottish setting]

1864  The Portent; A Story of the Inner Vision of the Highlanders Commonly Called the Second
          Sight [reprinted by Harper & Row, 1979]

          Adela Cathcart [English setting]

             [a revised edition in 1882 omits fantasy stories that were later reprinted elsewhere]

1865  Alec Forbes of Howglen [Scottish setting]

1867  Unspoken Sermons

          The Disciple and Other Poems

          Dealings with Fairies [Fantasy stories]

          Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood [English setting]

1868  Robert Falconer [Scottish setting]

          A Seaboard Parish: A Sequel to “Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood”

             [English setting]

1870  The Miracles of Our Lord

1871  Works of Fancy and Imagination (10 vols.) [Fantasy stories & poetry]

           At the Back of the North Wind [Fantasy ; Reprinted often]

1872  The Princess and the Goblin [Fantasy ; Reprinted often]

          The Vicars Daughter. Autobiographical Story, being a Sequel to "Annals of a Quiet
          Neighborhood" and "The Seaboard Parish” [English setting]

          Wilfrid Cumbermede; An Autobiographical Story

1875  Malcolm [Scottish setting]

1876  Thomas Wingfold, Curate

1877  The Marquis of Lossie [A sequel to Malcolm]

1879  Paul Faber, Surgeon [English setting]

           Sir Gibbie [Scottish setting]

1880  A Book of Strife, in the Form of the “Diary of an Old Soul” [Poetry]

1882  The Gifts of the Child Christ (2 vols.) [Fantasy stories]

1883  The Princess and Curdie [Fantasy ; Reprinted often]

          Donal Grant [A sequel to Sir Gibbie]

1886  Unspoken Sermons: Second Series

1889  Unspoken Sermons: Third Series

1892  The Hope of the Gospel

1893  Poetical Works 2 vols.

          A Dish of Orts [Essays]

          The Light Princess and Other Fairy Tales [Fantasy stories]

1895  Lilith, a Romance [Fantasy]

1904  The Fairy Tales

1905  Phantastes [Reprint of 1858 edition with illustrations]


Selected later anthologies & reprints


1946   George MacDonald, an Anthology / ed. C. S. Lewis [Mostly excerpts from Unspoken Sermons]
1954  Visionary Novels: Lilith, Phantastes / ed. Anne Freemantle, intro. W. H. Auden.

1964  Phantastes and Lilith / intro. C. S. Lewis.

1973  The Gifts of the Child Christ; Fairytales and Stories for the Childlike / ed. Glenn E. Sadler.

           An Expression of Character: The Letters of George MacDonald / ed. Glen E. Sadler.


Johannesen Publishers (Whitehorn, CA) has made available facsimile reprints

of almost all of MacDonald’s works in the 1990’s.

N.B.: Stay away from the many modern edited, reworded & retold versions of MacDonald’s works;

 these are plentiful, but certainly not desirable.


Selected works about MacDonald


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