C. S. Lewis, 1898-1963

A Comparison of Earth Time & Narnian Time

(along with main characters)


England                                                           Narnia

50 years / 1900-1949                                       2556 years / from creation to dissolution




Digory Kirke (1888-1949)                               The Magicianís Nephew

   Poly Plummer (1889-1949)                           Narnia year 1


Peter Pevensie (b.1927)                                   The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

   Susan Pevensie (b.1928)                               Narniaís Golden Age / ca. 1000

      Edmund Pevensie (b.1930)            

         Lucy Pevensie (1932-1949)


Pevensie children in Narnia                               The Horse & His Boy


Pevensie children in Narnia                               Prince Caspian

Last visit of Susan                                             Narnian year 2303 / Caspian X    

Eustace Scrubb (1933-1949) [Pevensie cousin]     The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

with Edmund & Lucy Pevensie                          Narnian years 2306-7 / Caspian X


Eustace with Jill Pole (1933-1949)                    The Silver Chair

                                                                         Narnian year 2356 /

 Prince Rilian, son of Caspian X




   1949: Eustace, Jill, Lucy, Digory & Polly killed in a train crash while on their way to

        meet Peter & Edmund. All seven appear in The Last Battle as kings & queens

                          (Susan has long since stopped believing in Narnia at all)


                                                                        The Last Battle

                                                                        Narnian year 2555 /

King Tirian, 7th in descent from Rilian

                                  PJS [rev. 5/06]

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