A Time-Line of Tolkienís First Age:

Arda & Middle-earth


Themes of Creation


The First Theme of Eru


The Second Theme of Eru

in answer to the rebellion of Melkor


The Third Theme of Eru

 The creation of Arda (The World)


Start of the History of Arda & the Valar


First war of Arda

Between the Valar & Melkor over the dominion of Arda. Brought to an end by Tulkas.


Spring of Arda

 Lit by 2 lamps (Illuin & Ormal) fashioned by Aule.


Second war of Arda

 Melkor attacks from his fortress of Utumno (the pit). Original shape of Arda destroyed. Dwelling place of the Valar on Arda (Almaren) destroyed, and the 2 lamps are cast down. Valar depart from Arda.


Creation of Valinor

 Behind the walls of Pelori in Aman (westernmost land). Throne of Manwe set on the highest peak (Taniquetil). Lit by 2 trees made by Yavanna (Telperion & Laurelin). Beginning of the count of time.



Start of the History of Middle-earth & its Peoples


Creation of the dwarves

by Aule & the creation of trees by Yavanna


Coming of the elves


Third war of Arda

Seige of Utumno. The capture & binding of Melkor


Summoning of the Quendi to Valinor


First sundering of the elves


Freeing of Melkor


Fashioning of the Silmarilli

by Feanor. The greatest deed of making among the elves. An act of hubris. Becomes the root cause of evil becoming part of the existence of the elves. Three jewels whose substance was able to capture the light of the trees of Valinor.


Darkening of Valinor

Melkor & Ungoliant kill the two trees & steal the Silimarilli, then return to Middle-earth.


Rebellion of Feanor

The oath to recover the Silimarilli & to kill Melkor (now called Morgoth). After fighting with them, Feanor steals the ships of the Teleri and leads the Noldar back to Middle-earth.

Start of Timekeeping of Middle-earth & its People


Year 1: First battle of the wars of Beleriand

  Thingol's elves against an army of Orcs.


Hiding of Valinor

 The Valar take a lesser role in the history of Middle-earth. Placing of the sun & moon over Middle-earth (keeping Morgoth in check).


Second battle of the wars of Beleriand

 Army of orcs attack Feanor's elves in the land of Hithlum. Feanor is killed.


Year 55: Third battle of the wars of Beleriand

 Army of orcs against the elves of Fingolfin & Maedhros.

                                                                     Called Dagor Aglareb (the Glorious Battle).


Seige of Angband

The northern fortress of Morgoth (goes on for 400 years).


Founding of Gondolin

 by Turgon.


Year 455: Fourth battle of the wars of Beleriand

 Attack of Morgoth using fire and dragons. End of the siege of Angband. Fight between Fingolfin (who dies) and Morgoth (who is wounded and scarred ever after).


Year 463: Recovery of one of the Silmarilli

 by Beren & Luthien.


Year 470: Fifth battle of the wars of Beleriand

 Failed assault on Morgoth's fortress.

Called Nirnaeth Arnoediad (the Battle of Unnumbered Tears).


Year 502: Recovered Silmarilli lost & recovered again


Year 555: Birth of Elrond

Son of Earendil & Elwing.


Year 570: Recovered Silmarilli set in the sky

by Elbereth, after having been brought to the Valar by Earendil.


Year 572: Final Battle of the wars of Beleriand

Defeat of Morgoth through the intervention of the Valar. Devastation of Beleriand. Called The Great Battle or The War of Wrath.



Recovery of two of the Silimarilli by the Valar (the third had been set in the sky by Elbereth). Stolen by Maedros & Maglor to fulfill the oath of Feanor. Not being able to hold on to the jewels, Maedros casts his into a deep chasm of the earth, while Maedros casts his into the sea.


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