Pax was a poetry broadside (also containing graphic art and prose work) edited &
published by Robert Lax from the offices of Jubilee magazine starting in the mid-1950’s,
tapering off in the early 1960’s, revived for a few minor issues in the 1980’s.

1.  [Three Poems (1956)]
Praise Him, Praise Her / Mark Van Doren.—A Prelude: For the Feast of St. Agnes / 
   Thomas Merton.—Circus / Robert Lax
46 cm. x 30.5 cm.
Newsprint. Black ink. Inkblot-type graphic design on left, text on right.

[2. Three Poems] (1956)
Poem / E. E. Cummings.—The Brass-Clad Legions / Claire McAllister.—Death of the 
   Hermit / Richard Gilman.
46.5 x 30.5 cm.
Newsprint. Red ink. Graphic design by Ad Reinhardt in red in top left quadrant   
   (upside down), text on right.

3.  [Two Poems] (1957)
Song / Peter Lewis [Robert Lax].—Morning Worship / Mark Van Doren.
46.5 x 30.5 cm.
Newsprint. Orange ink. Graphic design consisting of round-edged rectangles on 
   right, text on left.

4.  Five Poems / Thomas Merton (1957)
Wisdom.—Song: In the Shows of the Round Ox.—Birdcage Walk.—Nocturne.—
30.5 x 46.5 cm.
Newsprint (some on heavier stock white paper). Black ink. Text in four columns.

5.  The Anxious Man / William Maxwell (1957) [Short Story]
45.5 x 30.5
Newsprint, with green ink (some on white glossy paper, with black ink). Drawing  
   by Donald Bolgnese. Text in three columns.

6.  Four Poems and Design by Soichi Furata (1958)
Snow falls inside out.—Holy terror: Bach harpsichord concerto no.5.—Epitaphs.—Janus   
15.5 x 91 cm.
Newsprint. Black ink. Eight panels with text, image and design.

7.  Two Poems and a Translation / Thomas Merton (1958)
A Practical Program for Monks.—Drake in the Southern Sea / Ernesto Cardenal.—An 
   Elegy for Five Old Ladies.
15 x 91.5 cm.
Newsprint. Black ink.

8.  27th & 4th / Peter Lewis [Robert Lax] (1958)
91.5 x 30.5 cm.
Newsprint. Black ink. Text in four columns.

9.  Mystery / Claire McAllister (1959)    
28.5 x 43 cm.
White paper. Black ink. Title written in red & black, with drops of red & black off 
   to the side resembling blood & ink. Text in two columns.

10.  Hymn / Jack Kerouac (1959)
28 x 44.5 cm.
White glossy paper. Black ink. Illustration by David Budd. Illustration runs across top
   half, text appears in bottom right quadrant.

11. Four Poems / Cesar Vallejo. Translated by Thomas Merton (1960)
Estais Muertos.—Black Stone on Top of a White Stone.—Peace, the Wasp …--Anger.
50.5 x 18.5 cm.
Heavy brown paper. Black ink. Narrow black bands on top and bottom.
12. [Four Poems] / Ned O’Gorman (1960)
The Tent.—The Song.—The Sign.—The Element.
43.5 x 56 cm.
Heavy brown paper. Black ink. Circular graphic design in red in upper right-hand 

13. Documents of Modern Art (1960)
[Collection of quotations from artists, with satirical take-offs by Ad Reinhardt]
28 x 43 cm.
Newsprint. Black ink. Text set off in boxes in two columns, with space to add your
   own comments.

14. Two Fables / Robert Lax (1961)
Question.—A Problem in Design.
23 x 61 cm.
White paper. Black ink. Graphic design by Emil Antonucci. Four panels (text, 
   drawing, text, design)

15. The Sea:
East Hampton / Ned O’Gorman (1961)
54.5 x 41.5 cm.
Text set on bottom part of white paper colored blue, with a band of white across the top.    
   Black ink.

[16.] Original Child Bomb: Points for Meditation to be Scratched on the Wall of a Cave / Thomas Merton (1961)
42.5 x 55 cm.
White paper. Black ink. Ink-blot graphic on the left side. Text has 41 sections, in four 
   columns, divided into a top and bottom half by a thin black band.

17.  Autobiography / Robert Kaye (1962)
55.5 x 43 cm.
Heavy white paper. Black ink. Designed by Emil Antonucci. Cross made up of a montage of images in center, with the text running down both sides.

18. Ad Reinhardt (1962)
43 x 55 cm.
White paper. Black ink. Photograph of Reinhardt (19 x 24 cm.) by Lax, just off center, with three short texts by Reinhardt to the right of it. Designed by Emil Antonucci.

We say … (1985)

Equal & opposite … (1985)

We in our tribe … (1985)


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