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                                                     List of Materials owned by the Archives
                                   Works of Robert Lax in Periodicals & Anthologies

“Acrobat About to Enter”
Time’s River: The Voyage of Life in Art and Poetry. 
Boston: Little, Brown and Company; The National Gallery, 1999. 40.
Kate Farrell (selection of poetry and art)
            Location: shelf

The America Literary Anthology 3: The Third Annual Collection of the Best from Literary Magazines
New York: The Viking Press, 1970. 228-230. 
George Plimpton and Peter Ardery (eds.)
            Selection from the Journals of Robert Lax, Vol. I    
            Poetry selected by Denise Levertov, William Stafford, Reed Whittemore

Hang Together: The Hanging Loose Press 20th Anniversary Anthology
50/51, 103-106. 
            2 copies
            Location: shelf 

“Beckett and Deep Sleep”
Samuel Beckett Number:  The Review of Contemporary Fiction
7: 2 (Summer 1987) 34. 
              Location: shelf

“Black is Black”
Materia Prima
1 (1987) [21-23].
            3 copies
            Location: shelf

“black / white // black / black ...”
Neue Poesie. 
Kunsthalle Bielefeld: Edition Hansjorg Mayer,1997. 112-115. 
            Location: shelf

New World Writing, Number 13. 
New York: The New American Library, 1958.  92-100. 
            Poetry for this volume selected by Reed Whittemore
            A note indicates the work was a gift from John Porter
            Location: shelf

The Columbia Jester.  37-38 (Fall 1936-Spring 1937 / Freshman Issue 1936-Commencement Issue 1937).  Robert Lax,
Editor-in-Chief except for last two issues. 
“Old Mantis In Dry Month” 37: 1 [8-9]; “A Fable of the Fickle Horse—His Habits” 37: 2 [11]; “Tongue” 37: 3 [36];
“No Fun in Bed—Lines from the Infirmary” 38: 4 [14]; “Four Footed Beasts” (with Robert Gibney) 38: 5 [6-7];
“World’s Fair” 38: 5 [18]; “Sartor Resartus” 38: 5 [21]; “The Snarl in the Balcony” 38: 5 [24]; “Snarl on the Balcony” 38: 6 [26];
 “Behind the Barn with Jester” 38: 6 [32]; “Behind the Barn with the Jester” 38: 8 [28]; “Snarl in the Balcony” 38: 9 [17]. 
            Location: shelf

“Cuckoo Song”
April 1939
            Location: box

Transit Sites
Ursula Schulz-Dornburg
Germany: 2001. 20. 
            2 copies
            Location: shelf

“A dog walked wearly ...”
Wolfgang Günther:  Collagen Landschaft und Tischleben. 
p. 1
            Inscribed: Many thanks, Robert [then signed] Wolfgang
            Also contains a letter asking Robert Lax for permission to use a poem in a later exhibition
            Location: shelf

“the/earth//as/ it/ is...”
Collision 1
1: (1994) 3, 53. 
            The same poem is on both pages. 
            Location: box

“Famous Poem”
Columbia College Today. 
8: 2 (Spring/ Summer 1981) 32. 
2 copies
            From a special issue with stories commemorating eighty years of Jester, the magazine
            Lax wrote for and edited when he was at Columbia. 
            Also contains cartoons by Ed Rice and Thomas Merton and a tribute to Ad Reinhardt. 
            Location: box

“Fast and Slow”
Ursula Schulz-Dornburg
Across the Territories / A través de los territorios:  1980-2001. 
Valencia: Institut Valencia D’art Modern 18 – VII / 15 – IX – 2002.  40-43. 
             Location: shelf

“for Heinz Gappmayr ...”
Heinz Gappmayr
von für über
Allerheiligenpresse: 1985.  93-95. 
            Inscribed:  Robert Lax / mit herzlichen Dank / Heinz Gappmayr / November 1985
            Location: shelf

New York: Journeyman Press, 1962. 
            Raetyson was visual arts coordinator at Artpark. 
            Location: box

“Four Poem Sequences mostly black & white”
The American Poetry Review
June-July 1973, 14. 
            2 copies
            Location: map case

“Gradually I Came to Understand”
Seeds in the Black Earth. 
9: 2 (Spring 2000), 96-97.
             Location: shelf

“Happy Birthday...”
William H. Shannon: A Celebration by his Friends. 
December 6, 1997. 
             Location: box

The Hidden Ground of Love:  The Letters of Thomas Merton on Religious Experience and Social Concerns. 
Edited by Wiliam H. Shannon. (review) Cithara:  Essays in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition. 
25: 2 (May 1986) 82-83. 
            Location: shelf

“Hill Poems”
1:3 (1970) 1-10. 
            Emil Antonucci (ill. and design)
            The whole issue is devoted to this poem. 
             Location: box

J. Laughlin (ed.); Robert Butman (ed. for poem)
New Directions 45:  An international anthology of prose and poetry. 
New York: New Directions, 1982.  45-51. 
             Location: shelf

“How can we say what we want to say...”
Res Ghen Ligu
1 (Maggio 1981) 5. 
            Location: map case

“How can we say what we want to say...”
Richard Kostelanetz (compiler and introduction)
A Critical (Ninth) Assembling (Precisely:  6789)
New York: Assembling Press, 1979.
            found near middle of book, no page numbers
            Location: shelf

“Into her crown...”
5: 61969, 34-37. 
Also has photographs of Kalymnos taken by Robert Lax
            Location: box

from “The Journals”
3 (Summer / Fall 1973) 1-11. 
            2 copies
            Location: box

from “The Journals”
4 (Spring 1974) 3-12. 
            2 copies
            Location: box

from “The Journals”
6 / 7 (Spring-Summer, 1977) 36-41. 
            Location: shelf

 from “The Kalymnos Journals”
J. Laughlin (ed.), Frank Gatling (selection by)
New Directions 31:  An international anthology of prose and poetry
New York: New Directions, 1975.  74-80. 
            2 copies.  Copy 2 has note indicating that the book was given by John Porter
            Location: shelf

London Magazine
July / August 1969, 80-83. 
            Inscribed: Love, Bob
            Location: shelf

“The Last Days of a City”
Columbia Poetry
New York: Columbia University Press, 1938.  37-38. 
            Introduction by Leonora Speyer; poems selected by, among others, Mark Van Doren. 
            Location: shelf

Aggie Weston's
21 (Winter 1984) 1-17. 
The poem occupies the whole issue.  
            Location: shelf

[Light and Darkness] Phos kai Skia
Diagonios 10 (1982), 60. 
            Moschos Lagkoubardos (trs.)
            Location: shelf

“the light – the shade”
David Miller and Rupert Loydell (eds.)
How the Net is Gripped:  A Selection of Contemporary Poetry. 
Exeter, England: Stride, 1992.  44-48. 
            2 copies
            Location: shelf

“Mark was dependably ...”
Columbia College Today
21: 2 (Spring / Summer 1995) 3. 
            A note clipped to the 3rd page reads: To Bob Lax – (couldn’t resist using this one, too)
            – see p.3  Jamie Katz
            Location: box

“Merton the Friend: Robert Lax”
Paul Wilkes (ed.)
Merton By Those Who Know Him Best
San Francisco: Harper Row, 1984.  65-74. 
            Inscribed: From: Mary Bridget-Christmas-1984
            Location: shelf

“The Morning Stars”
Discovery in Literature. 
New York: Paulist Press, 1970. 55.
            Catherine Pearson and Richard Raspa (eds.) Emil Antonucci (design)
            Location: shelf

“Nine Poems”
The Blue Boat
1 (Spring 1983)
            Location: shelf

“On Seeing” (for Peter Walsh)
28:13 (July 12, 1996) 2. 
            Location: box

“one island”
Hanging Loose 29
29 (Winter 1976-1977) 53-73. 
            3 copies
            Location: box

“plato told us...”
1 (November 1983) 1. 
            Location: box

75: 26 (March 23, 1962) 666. 
            Location: box

“A Poem”
Good Work
32: 1 (Winter 1969) 4-11. 
            2 copies
            Location: box

“Poem of Gratuitous Invective Against New Jersey”
The New Yorker
16: 21 (July 6, 1940) 18. 
            Location: box

“A Poet’s Journal”
Columbia Forum. 
12: 4 (Winter 1969) 9-15. 
            3 copies
            Location: box

“poetry is the recognition…”
Advice to a Writer. 
Location: box

“the port / was longing...”
The Beloit Poetry Journal. 
17: 1 (Fall 1966) 34-39. 
            Issue devoted to concrete poetry. 
            Location: shelf

“Return of Light”
            Location: box

“Rosebud Is”
The Lugano Review
2 (1975) 45-48. 
            Also contains “The Poetry of Robert Lax:  An Introduction” by David Miller
            Location: shelf

“Sea and Sky”
The Lugano Review
1: 3-4 (Summer 1965) 15-132. 
            2 copies
            Location: shelf

“Second Generation Reacts to Rudolph Valentino’s Talents”
Connecticut College News. January 12, 1949.
            Location: box

“A short rooster poem”
1 (February 1995) 4-5. 
            2 copies
            Location: box

“the stone...”
World Letter
6 (1995) 43-45. 
            3 copies
            Location: box

 “sun & tree”
Kurt Schwitters Almanach:  1984. 
Hannover: Postskriptum Verlag, 1984.  187-191. 
            Biographical information on page 186. 
            Location: shelf

“A Suite for Jiri Valoch”
Beyond Baroque 792. 
10: 2 (early summer 1979) 26-27.
            Includes a picture of Lax and a very short biographical summary. 
            Location: box

“A Suite for Jîrí Valoch”
4: 4 (Vernal Equinox 1978) 120-122. 
            Location: shelf

“there is / is not ...”
New York Quarterly.  29 (Spring 1986) 33. 
            Location: shelf

“A thin white line”
Hanging Loose 40. 
40 (Fall 1981) 46-48. 
Robert Hershon, Dick Lourie, & Ron Schreiber (eds.)
            On p. 48 there is handwriting on the poetry. 
            Location: shelf

“3 Poems”
Ken Bolton (ed.)
Magic Sam
            Includes: “the earth”—“the sky”—“a rock”
            Location: shelf

“try / to / see / the / air...”
Quarto Publication: 1970.  16. 
            3 copies
            Location: shelf

Kentucky Poetry Review:  Thomas Merton Memorial Issue
24: 2 (Fall 1988) 19. 
            Bellarmine College, Kentucky
            Location: shelf

“Viens mir klis…”
Luna: jaunās literatūras  žurnāls. 
            Location: shelf

“White / Dark”
Poiesis:  Aspects of Contemporary Poetic Activity. 
Edinburgh: The Fruitmarket Gallery,1992.  98-103. 
            Location: shelf

“A Yak of Happy Disposition”
Merry Measures
Cuba, NY: The Cuba Poetry Society, 1943.  3
            Reprinted from the Colombia Jester
Inscribed: For Josephine Richard Christmas – 1943 – Mildred H. Si--- (the rest is illegible)
            Location: box

“Zoo Sign”
The New Yorker
20:37 (October 28, 1944) 67. 
            Location: box


“Another Red Red Blue Poem”
“Products of Industry”
Burchfield Art Center Newsletter
Winter 1990-1991, 4. 
            With an article on the exhibition “Robert Lax and Concrete Poetry”
            3 copies
            Location: shelf

“approaching ...”
“windless night ...”
“a black door”
World Letter
2 (1991) 34-35. 
            4 copies
            Location: box

“Black metal”
“whips across the walk”
“two clouds”
“not wind not wind”
Alembic 6
6 (Summer 1977) 34-38. 
            Location: box

from “Colour”
“the/ dark/ earth ...”
Nicholas Zurbrugg (ed.)
Visual Poetics:  Concrete Poetry and its Contexts:  An Exhibition Curated by Nicholas Zurbrugg
Brisbane: Museum of Contemporary Art, 1989.  34-35, cover. 
            Also contains a section discussing Lax’s work [34]. 
            Location: shelf

“The Domes”
from “The Journals 1964”
untitled photo by Lax
Stereo Headphones
8-9-10 (1982) 34-36. 
            Location: shelf

[Emerologio] (Journal)
[Diagonios] 9 (September-December 1974) 206-224.
            Entries dates from March 20-April 24, 1964.
            Translated into Greek by Moschos Lagouvardos & Klaites Soteriados.
            Location: shelf

[Enas Angellos] (An Angel)
[O anthropos me tis megales genikes idees] (The Man With
      the Big General Notions)
[E olokainoupia pole] (The Brand New City)
[Larisaika grammata] 4:5-6 (September-December 1976) 192-196.
            Translated into Greek by Moschos Lagouvardos
            Location: shelf

2 (Fall 1974) 2, 5. 
            The volume is dedicated to Lax, who spoke in the classes of the SUNY Alfred at Olean    students. 
            Location: box

“fleeing from Bridgeport”
“april 24 afternoon” (excerpt from Lax’s journal)
a photo of Lax
D.C. Magazines:  A Literary Retrospective. 
Washington, DC: Paycock Press, 1981.  36-37. 
            Location: shelf

[Kalymniada (meros II)]
[Auto to psomi]
[To aspro pouli]
[Sygchronoi Amerikanoi Poietes / ed. & tr. S. L. Skartses. Athens: Ekdoseis Kastaniote,  
   1987] 41-45.        
            Location: shelf  

Synapse 3
January 1965, 12-14. 
            Location: shelf

“Never a root without a tree”
Peeping Tom
Cory Harding (ed.)
London: X-Press, 1978. 20, 27-29. 
            100 copies made.
            Location: box

“quiet teiuq ...”
Artes Hispanicas:  Hispanic Arts. 
1: 3-4  (Winter / Spring 1968) 225-227.
            Notes on the poems appear on page 303, while comments on the poems and Lax are on page 50. 
            Location: shelf

“quiet teiuq ...”
Mary Ellen Solt (ed., introduction)
Concrete Poetry:  A World View. 
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1968.  225-227, 303. 
            The same as the issue of Hispanic Arts (see above)
            Location: shelf

“Try to See the Air...”
Allegany Poetry. 
Olean, NY: Allegany Mountain Press, 1974.  20-23. 
Printed by Johnson Printing Company, Olean. 
            3 copies
            Location: box

“The Poppy”
Columbia Review
16: 4 (May 1935) 9, 30. 
            Location: shelf

[Problema se schedio] (A Problem in Design)
[O kontos] (The Short Man);  
[Giaponeziko mathema] (Japanese Lesson)
[Therapeutes] (Therapist)
[Diagonios] 4 (January-April 1973) 19-22.
            Translated into Greek by Moschos Lagouvardos
            3 copies
            Location: shelf

Kunstverein Rosenheim
Konkrete Poesie Konzept Kunst
4 September – 12 October, 1997, 50-51. 
            Biographical information about Lax appears on page 83. 
            Location: shelf

“Shepard’s Calendar”
“The Harbor”
“Byzantine Faces”
[Untitled] “which…”
Kindled Terraces: American Poets in Greece. 
Don Schofield (ed.)
Kirksville, MO: The Truman State University Press, 2004. 46-55.  
            Location: shelf

“the Slumbering City”
from The Journals of Robert Lax, vol. I
from A Catch of Anti-Letters
“For Mark”
“For Ad Reinhardt”
“fleeing from bridgeport”
“This Bread”
“White Bird”
from The Journals III
from The Journals IV
Voyages:  A National Literary Magazine
2:1 & 2 (Winter / Spring 1968)
            The issue is dedicated to Lax with his work spread generously throughout. 
            4 copies.  Copy 1 has a sticker on the back cover that reads: Gift of: Mrs. Gladys Marcus
            (sister of Bob Lax) 10-3-74.
            Location: shelf

“So bird, so spirit...”
“the look of the poem...”
from “Black & White”
Quoted in “The End of Art” by Susan Howe
Archives of American Art Journal
14: 4 (1974) 2-7. 
            2 copies
            Location: box

“stead/y/ light ...”
“the/ wind// their/ voic/es ...”
Collision 3
3 (1995) 2, 39.  
            Location: box

“T’ao Ch’ien’s Peach Blossom Spring”
“The Gentleman of the Five Willows”
Art International:  Incorporating the Lugano Review. 
15: 6 (Summer Edition; June 20, 1971) 31-32. 
            Both poems listed as “adapted by Robert Lax”
            Location: shelf (oversized)

Photographs by Lax

“Ad Reinhardt by Robert Lax”
Lucy R. Lippard (author)
Ad Reinhardt:  Paintings
New York: The Jewish Museum, 1966. 
pp. near middle of book
            Location: shelf

“Dorothy Day during one of the civil-defense drills in 1956.”
Deborah Kent
Dorothy Day:  Friend to the Forgotten
Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1996.  146 [13 of the photograph section]. 
            Location: shelf

 “Dorothy Day’s arrest following a protest against Civil Defense Drills”
In “Dorothy Day:  A Contemporary Saint?” by Geoffrey Gneuhs
Culture Front:  A Magazine of the Humanities
(Fall 1998) 36. 
             2 copies
             Location: box

Perspective on non-US Presentations at the 37th Congress of the Interantional Astronautical Federation. 
James Harford (ed., summarized)
New York: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1986.
            Location: box

Sun Ra: The Immeasurable Equation. 
Waitawhile, 2005. 
Harmut Geerken and James L. Wolf (compiled, eds.)
            Location: shelf


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