Noodletools Verification Assistance

Did Noodletools ask you to verify your subscription? This is a new issue, that is occurring so that Noodletools can ensure that all of the users are still eligible for service. Since you create your own accounts, they have no way of knowing if you are still a part of St. Bonaventure University's subscription unless they use a verification tool.

The software will generally ask you to verify your subscription annually, and this will only happen if you are using the tool from off-campus (when you're on campus, the software can verify you automatically based on the address of the on-campus computer you are using).

What to do!

When it asks you to enter a login and password to verify your subscription, you need to enter the login and password you would have had to use originally to set up an account from off-campus. This is NOT your own user ID and password, but rather the library authentication login/password. This is the same login/password as is used for EbscoHost databases.

If you do not have this login/password information, consult your database password sheet or call the Reference Desk (375-2164 or ) or Ann Tenglund, Coordinator of Library Computer Services & Information Literacy (375-2378 or ). And if you have any other problems with logging in, please be sure to let us know!