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Welcome.  This is the web page for the St. Bonaventure University Department of History.  Here you will find information about the faculty and students who make up the department.  You will also find information about what we do, including our classes and activities.


The Historians

United States History

World History

Dr. Phillip Payne, Associate Professor, Chair, 132 Doyle Hall, 716-375-2460, Dr. Thomas Schaeper, Professor, 1-716-375- 2123,
Dr. Karen Robbins, Associate Professor, 1-716-375-2124, Dr. Joel Horowitz, Professor 1-716-375-2243,
Dr. Maddalena Marinari, Assistant Professor  

The Students

History majors regularly intern in the university archives under the direction of Archivist Dennis Frank.  If you click on the archives link below you can visit some of the web sites on the university's history that history majors have created. 

We have an active History Club and Phi Alpha Theta chapter. 

SBU Archives History Club
Internships Phi Alpha Theta

The Classes

United States

History 201:  United States History to 1865

History 202:  United States History since 1865
History 401:  Colonial American History History 402:  The Era of the American Revolution
History 208:  History of American Women History 418:  African-American History
History 403:  The Early National Period History 429:  Twentieth Century America in Film and History
History 407:  Twentieth Century United States History 430:  Civil Rights to Black Power, 1941-1980
History 408:  Twentieth Century United States History 431: Harlem Renaissance
History 410:  U.S. Constitutional History History 432:  The Politics of Pop
History 417:  Culture Wars:  The Politics of Memory History 475:  World War II


History 360:  World History to 1450 History 361:  World History since 1450
History 394:  Special Topics in History


History 101:  Europe to 1815 History 102:  Europe since 1815
History 327:  The French Revolution and Napoleon History 325:  Modern Britain and Ireland  

Latin American

History 307:  Colonial Latin America History 308:  Modern Latin America
History 309:  Argentina and Brazil from 1700 to the present History 310:  History of Mexico
History 311:  The United States and the Caribbean


History 364:  Modern Japan   History 363:  Modern China  
History 362:  History of Imperial China to 1800

Public History

History 206:  Introduction to Public History History 419:  Computer and Archival Skills for Historians
History 495:  History Internship

Classes for History Majors

History 200:  Historical Methods and Historiography History 491-492:  Advanced History Reading Program
History 496:  Independent Study

Questions about the Department or the web page?  Contact:  Dr. Phillip Payne, Chairperson, 1-716-375-2460 or

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