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Computer and Archival Skills for Historians

    History 419:  Computer and Archival Skills for Historians.  The purpose of the course is to bring together traditional historical and archival research skills with newer technologies.  Students taking this course will work with primary archival materials and with software to create content in electronic mediums.  No programming is required and if you want to program take a computer science course.

Syllabus (PDF)


When turning in papers via e-mail please send a copy to every instructor:

  • Phillip Payne

  • Dennis Frank

St. Bonaventure Resources

Archives Friedsam Library
Mahara at SBU WebCT
Congress Walsh Papers Web Page  


ArchivesNext Archive Issues
Internet Archive Society of American Archivists

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Wikipedia Entry Classroom 2.0
Wikinomics Is Google Making us Stupid
Library 2.0 LOC testing photosharing


Links to Further Technical Resources

Microsoft Office Tutorial Microsoft FrontPage Tutorial
About:  Microsoft FrontPage Walk-Through  


House of Representatives LOC:  A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation
History of the United States Capitol Library of Congress
Center on Congress at Indiana University:  How Congress Works Congressman Walsh's web site
Open Congress Congresspedia CSP Guide to Political Research On-Line


Designing Web Pages

Web Page Design for Designers

Accessible Web Page Design (University of Washington)
Yale Web Style Guide Grantastic Designs:  Glossary of Graphic Design and Web Page Design Terms

History of the Computer and Internet Links

  Virtual Museum of Computing

Charles Babbage Institute:  Center for the History of Information Processing


Triumph of the Nerds:  The Rise of Accidental Empires

  Annals of the History of Computing

Computer History Association of California

 History Online

H-Net Legislative History (Un. of Michigan)
American Social History Project Journal of the Association for History and Computing
Local History - The Electronic Collection Journal of MultiMedia History
Washington State Digital Archives U.S.


History Databases

ABC CLIO (America:  History and Life and Historical Abstracts)

Conducting a History Literature Search
Dissertation Abstracts Online NUCMC



Ten Myths About Copyright Explained

A Guide for Copyright for Music Librarians
Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright and Multimedia for Webbuilders and Multimedia Authors

Copyright in the New World of Electronic Publishing

The UT System Crash course in Copyright

Copyright on the Internet

Copyright Resources Online

Copyright's Common

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

US Copyright Office Homepage

SUL Copyright and Fair Use

Legal Affairs Regents Guide to Copyright

The Copyright Website


Citation Guides

H-Net's Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources

Writer's Handbook - Chicago Style
Citing Electronic Information in History Papers  






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