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World War II

Syllabus Fall 2007 (MS Word) Syllabus Fall 2007 (web version)
Midterm Study Guide (MS World Midterm Study Guide (web version)
Paper Assignment (MS Word) Paper Assignment (web version)
Final Study Guide  

Lecture Terms
Legacy of the Great War Race, Ethnicity and War
Rise of Fascism Industry and Government
Great Depression and New Deal in the US  
Isolationism and Preparation  
Peace Movements  
Rise of Japanese Militarism  
Pearl Harbor  
Return of Prosperity  

Web pages to help you out.
Military Maps of World War II Wikimedia Swastika Entry
Department of History United States Military Academy (European Theater) Arsenal of Democracy Speech
Department of History United States Military Academy (Asian Theater) Another link:  FDR's Day of Infamy Speech
The Authentic History Center, World War II Charles Lindbergh (1941) on YouTube
The Keynesian Revolution by Kit Sims Taylor  
The History Channel and do a keyword search for 'military science' Wendell Willkie on YouTube
The Four Freedoms (NARA) FDR on YouTube (We will not fight on foreign lands)
German Propaganda Archive Churchill, Blood, Toil, Sweat, & Tears speech
Business and Human Rights:  Companies and Human Rights Abuses During World War II Frank Capra, Prelude to War (Part of Why We Fight)
FDR's Day of Infamy Speech Naval Historical Center (US Navy)
Bing Crosby, I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Discover Channel's 20th Century Battlefields  The web site contains documentary footage of major battles of the 20th century, including those of WWII.  
Bing Crosby, "I'll Capture Your Heart" from Holiday Inn Eisenhower's Normandy "Order of the Day" and his message in the event of failure.
Bob Hope USO shows The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
by The Manhattan Engineer District, June 29, 1946 at the Avalon Project
Battle of France Newsreel Iwo Jima Flag Raising newsreel
Edward R. Murrow reports on Buchenwald B 29s Rule Jap Sky newsreel


World War II in the public domain
Ken Burn's the War will begin Airing tonight on PBS.  The web page is

A weary marine in Saipan, 1944


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In this issue:

- Stories from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: D-Day, Bataan Rescue, Victory in the Pacific, and Battle of the Bulge

- New World War II podcast


This Sunday, PBS will premiere The War, a seven-part series chronicling the American experience on the home front during World War II. Explore AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Online for an unrivalled collection of materials from past programs, featuring personal accounts of the Good War from soldiers and civilians who were there:


The invasion of Europe through Normandy was a military operation of preeminently American design. The place of the landing was the best-kept, most important secret of the war in Europe, and success depended on elaborate deception.

Voices of D-Day

The battle's fliers, the men who landed on Normandy's beaches, and German soldiers tell their stories.

Letters from the Front

Soldiers' words relay the many emotions experienced by the men who fought on D-Day. Read letters written by American soldiers in Europe after D-Day.



The most daring rescue mission of World War II.

Survivor Interviews

Liberated prisoners of war tell their stories in interviews and a newsreel from 1945.

On the Home Front

Read letters sent to and from the anxious families of prisoners of war held in Japanese prison camps in the Philippines.



The story of the end of World War II, told through American and Japanese first-hand accounts.

A Hell on Earth

Read the stories of Japanese and American survivors, whose memories reveal the horrors of war.



It was the biggest and bloodiest single battle American soldiers ever fought -- one in which nearly 80,000 Americans were killed, maimed, or captured.


Read the stories of soldiers and nurses who were at the Bulge.

Vets Remember

Battle of the Bulge veterans remember their experiences.


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In this week's podcast, listen to firsthand battlefront accounts from soldiers who fought in the war:

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