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Links to Pages for my individual courses

History 201:  United States History to 1865 History 202:  United States History since 1865
History 202 Online History 419:  Computer and Archival Skills for Historians (with Dennis Frank)
History 475:  World War II  History 429:  Twentieth Century America in Film and History (with Paul Spaeth)
Advanced Readings Course Topics: U. S Politics and State and Local History 491:  Advanced Readings:  The Great Depression
History 206:  Introduction to Public History History 417:  Culture Wars:  The Politics of Memory

Helpful Links

Chicago Manual of Style
Turabian Style
Adobe Acrobat Reader download

Material to Help You in my Classes

General Instructions for Writing a Paper (for the PDF click HERE)
How to do well in a history class
General Instructions for Book Reviews
Friedsam Library
Department of History Guide to Research and Writing

Off Campus links to help you

Patrick Rael's Reading, Writing, and Researching for History 
Making Sense of Evidence (History Matters)

Links on Writing

Guide to Grammar & Writing Dave Patterson's Advice on Writing
Strunk, Elements of Style Writing and Thinking Well
OWL:  Handouts:  Grammar, Puntuation & Spelling Zinsser, On Writing Well (from Google books) Zinsser, Simplicity

Links on Writing Critical Book Reviews

These are links to writing center pages at other universities that contain information and general guidelines to writing critical reviews.

University of Wisconsin writing center How to Write Book Reviews for Michael Kucher's Classes at UWT
University of Alberta Carleton College
University of Toronto Dalhousie University
University of North Carolina University of Maine


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