Please step back, or you may be harmed.

    I feel somewhat akin to a fool.

Herbert Hoover:
 You know, the only trouble with capitalism is capitalists; they're too d*mn greedy.

B. Dylan:
 Here I sit so patiently, waiting to find out what price
  you have to pay to get out of
 going through all these things twice.

Wendy Kaminer:
   Part of living in a democracy is being willing to be irritated, and not confusing 
   being irritated with being oppressed.

Gottfried W. Leibnitz:
   It is unworthy for excellent men to lose hours like slaves in the labour of calculation
    which could be safely relegated to anyone else if machines were used.

The Buggles:
    We can't rewind, we've gone too far.

The Cyrkle:
    If I never hear your name again, it's all the same to me.