Rosemary Q'Day, an Environmental Science major in her junior year at Saint Bonaventure University, completed an internship this summer as an Interpretative Ranger at Jewel Cave National Monument, thirteen miles west of Custer, South Dakota. Her primary duty was designing and presenting educational tours of Jewel Cave, emphasizing the cave's geologic development, exploration and conservation. She underwent two weeks of formal training in the philosophy and history of the National Park Service, karst system and spelothem geology, introductory resource management, techniques of Thematic Resource Interpretation, and first aid. Additionally, Rosemary is completing an independent project, creating a database of the breeding birds of Jewel Cave National Monument and their habitats to facilitate a seasonal bird count. Information on native birds and their role as an indicator of environmental health, including the condition of Jewel Cave, is of educational interest to Monument visitors and valuable as a means of promoting visitor support of resource protection. Rosemary also assisted the efforts of Jewel Cave National Monument's Noxious Weed Eradication team. To control invasive plant species, including Canada thistle and leafy spurge, the Noxious Weed team must manually pull the weeds throughout the forestland on the National Monument. Rosemary devoted eight hours to such weed pulling, and assisted with noxious weed research. An essential aspect of managing Jewel Cave is generating an accurate, complete map of the cave. Rosemary worked with a volunteer cave surveying group, operating the tape measure, helping to map forty feet of Jasper Cave, which may potentially be connected to Jewel. She also learned surface surveying techniques including the use of a Brunton compass to measure dip and strike in faults and fractures of outcrops. Rosemary's work at Jewel Cave has helped her greatly in understanding and gaining experience in practical applications of environmental resource management, her intended field of post-graduate study.