Christ Pantocrator, Hagia Sophia, Constantinople; mosaic in the south gallery, second quarter of the 12th c. (Byzantine)

Christ Pantocrator, Cefalu Cathedral, Sicily, 1148; mosaic from the apse (Byzantine)

Christ Pantocrator, Stavronikita Monastery, Mount Athos, Greece, 1546 (Byzantine)

Christ, with an icon-cover, 17th c.

Christ “Acheiropoietos” (Made Without Hands); second half of the 12th c., Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (Russian)

Christ Acheiropoietos ("Made Without Hands"), by Simon Ushakov, 1657

Christ, first third of the 14th c., Annunciation Cathedral, Moscow; wood, egg tempera (Russian)

Christ, from the Deisis, by Andrej Rublyov, 15th c. (Russian)

Christ (from the Deisis), second half 15th c., Tver school; Tver Regional Art Gallery; lime board, tempera on canvas (Russian)

Christ “In Glory,” from the Deisis, cca. 1497, Kirillo-Belosersk Museum (Russian)

Divine Fatherhood, Novgorod School, 14th c.; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow



The Crucifixion, 16th c. (Russian); National Museum, Paris

Gruenewald (Matis Nithardt, 1470's-1528), Crucifixion; (Isenheim altar, Center)

Gruenewald (Matis Nithardt, 1470's-1528), Crucifixion; (Isenheim altar, Center); detail

Hans Holbein (1497-1540), The Dead Christ in the Tomb, 1521-22; Basel, Kunstmuseum