I. “The Consideration of God through His Footprints in the Universe” by Bonaventure

What do you think Bonaventure is getting at when he asks us to “place our first step of ascent at the bottom, setting the whole visible world before us as a mirror through which we may pass over to God, the Supreme Creative Artist” (§9)? How does this statement fit into Bonaventure's vision of reality? Why start with the visible world?

Bonaventure extends his consideration on the “sevenfold general properties of creatures” (§14). What are the seven properties of things that Bonaventure wants us to consider? How can we describe the main quality of the universe that he wants to draw our attention to? How does this quality point to the power, wisdom, and goodness of God? Do you think there is a point in the idea that organization in nature is meaningful and points to something else?