St. John, Archangels, and Saints

St. John the Baptist, 14th c., The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, egg tempera, wood (Byzantine)

John the Baptist, from the Deisis of the Dormition Cathedral, Vladimir; by Andrej Rublyov, 1408; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (Russian)

St. John the Baptist, ca. 1600 (Greek)

Archangel Michael (from the Deisis), Workshop of Dionysius, 1502-3, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (Russian)

Archangel Gabriel (from the Deisis),  Workshop of Dionysius, 1502-3, State Russian Museum, St. Peterburg (Russian)

Angel “Golden Hair,” end of 12th c., Russian Museum, St. Peterburg (Byzantine)

Prophet Elijah, sec. half of the 12th c., St. Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai (Byzantine)

Prophet Elijah, Novgorod School, 14th c.; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Nicholas the Miracle Worker (Thaumaturge); mid. 13th c.; the Russian Museum, St. Peterburg (Russian)

St. Gregory the Thaumaturge (the Miracle Worker), 12th c., the Hermitage, St. Peterburg; egg tempera, wood (Byzantine)

St. Gregory Palamas, 15th c.; The State Museum of Fine Arts (Pushkin), Moscow; egg tempera, wood (Byzantine)