Theo 325. Project 1



I. Format


The project will consist of:


a. images: printed (preferably in color) or in a digital format (on a disk or as e-mail attachments)


b. written explanations: typed or as a WORD file (on a disk or as e-mail attachments)



II. Tasks


1. Go to the THEO 325 website, find the link “Project 1” in the section on icons and select an unidentified icon from the number of choices.


2. Identify the iconography of the icon: e.g., whether it is “Christ Pantocrator,” “Mother of God Hodigitria,” or some liturgical feast, e.g., “Ascension” (use the website, books, and lecture notes). Find icons with similar iconography on the THEO 325 website, in course materials, or other sources.


3. Find the corresponding sections on this icon in the books assigned for the course (Quenot and Evdokimov) or other literature. Based on the books and lecture notes, describe briefly what the icon means, what is depicted in the icon, and where / when it is used in the church (if applicable).


4. Point out unusual qualities of the icon (such as architecture, lack of linear perspective, color, etc.) and explain them, using course materials and lecture notes.


5. Find a painting / image from the tradition of Western art (e.g., Roman Catholic) on the same topic, and compare the iconography and other features of this image and the selected icon.