Western architecture


A typical Western cathedral

Flying buttresses (Rheims)



Early period


San Marco, Venice, beg. 1063

Church of St. George, Reichenau, Oberzell; frescoes from the Ottonian period

Church of St. Michael, Hildesheim,  1010-33

Maria Laach, Benedictine Monastery Chapel, 1156-77

Castel Santí Elia di Nepi, Basilica Santí Anastasio; frescoes in the apse: end. 11- beg. 12th c.

St. Mary and Clement, Schwarzrheindorf, cca. 1180; apse: Christ in Glory



Romanesque architecture


Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela, 1075-1125

Cathedral, Monreale, Sicily, 1147-82

St. Madeleine Church, Vezelay (Yonne), from 1120


Gothic architecture


Saint Denis, Paris

Saint Chapelle, Paris

Cathedral, Amiens

Cathedral, Canterbury

Reims Cathedral (13th century)

Basilica of St. Francis. Assisi. Interior


Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris; Rose Window, South

Notre Dame, Paris, rose window


Milano Cathedral (14th century)



Chartres Cathedral


General view

West portal


West portal, central tympanum: (Christ in glory, the Second Coming)

West portal, rose window (the Last Judgment)

West portal, central window


North transept: central tympanum (the triumph of Virgin Mary)

North transept: rose window (Mary)


South transept: central tympanum (the Last Judgment)

South transept: rose window (Christ in glory)