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St. Bonaventure's History and People

The following pages provide links to websites and collections relating to St. Bonaventure's history and the people who have been a part of the university. There is a wealth of information provided, so take your time and explore!

General Information

This page contains websites with general historical information about St. Bonaventure, including a timeline and documents such as Inside Bona's and CAB Newsletter.


The People

Here are links to sites about the people of St. Bonaventure. Information on presidents, the Board of Trustees, faculty and alumni is located here.


The Campus

Academic buildings, statues, shrines, a chapel and more are located on the campus of the university. This page provides access to sites on the history of the campus and walking tours of the buildings, statues and shrines.


School Spirit

This category includes sites on the symbols of the university, student activities and student publications.



Athletics is a big part of St. Bonaventure University. Here are some websites detailing the histories of football, basketball, baseball and others.


History and Stories

Interested in legends and myths about the campus? Want to know what the university was like during WWII and Vietnam? Curious about what alumni have to say about their time spent here? This page has links to this information and more.


Indexes and Lists

Here are lists of award recipients and graduate theses.

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Special Collections

Special Collections
Collections outside of journalism. These include Thomas Merton, Robert Lax and Congressman James T. Walsh.  They range from science fiction to banjo music.
Just added: Material from the Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County related to the Farmersville Landfill proposal.


Housed in the Jim Bishop Room, these deal with newspaper and television journalism, journalism education, popular history and comics.


Political buttons, St. Bonaventure memorabilia, autographs and many other items can be found in the collection.  We just have a sample here.

University Manuscript Collection

Franciscan Institute Manuscript Collection

Holy Name Manuscript Collection

Other Manuscripts

Who does all the work down here?

Each semester there are interns, work/study students and others who work in the archives. These assistants are responsible for processing special collections, cataloging archival material, making displays and designing the websites found in the categories above.

Rachael Fillgrove Schultz, 2015 graduate, Archives Assistant
Chris Gilbert, Class of 2017, Archives Student Assistant
Brianna Kasperek, Class of 2016, Archives Student Assistant
Madeleine Feddern, Class of 2018, Archives Student Assistant
Andrunelle Stevens, Class of 2019, Archives Student Assistant
Saige Flickinger, Class of 2019, Archives Student Assistant
Caitlyn Morral, Class of 2018, JMC intern
Abby O'Brien, History intern
Kaitlyn Chiccino, History intern

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