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Academic Advisory Council


Purpose. The general purpose of this Council is to facilitate a) the development and implementation of strategic academic plans, b) on-going academic program administration and assessment, (c) the construction of policy proposals for consideration by the Faculty Senate, and (d) the implementation of academic policies as legislated by the Faculty Senate. It is not the purpose of the Academic Advisory Council to legislate on matters on which the Faculty Senate has legislative authority.

Responsibilities.  The responsibilities of the Academic Advisory Council shall include:

Membership.  In order to carry out its responsibilities, and to assure the proper coordination of efforts through-out the Schools and the working committees of the Faculty Senate, the Board’s membership shall consist of:

Meetings.  The Council shall have regularly scheduled meetings at least monthly throughout the calendar year. The Council shall operate on a consensus model.

Reporting. The Council shall provide monthly reports to the President and to the Faculty Senate and forward its recommendations as appropriate. Council recommendations on matters within the legislative purview of the Faculty Senate shall be passed on to the Faculty Senate, as an item of correspondence, within one week of their determination.


Approved by the Faculty Senate on April 23, 2010; Approved by Sr. Margaret Carney on May 5, 2010
Revision approved by the Faculty Senate on September 23, 2011 (to add to the membership listing--the Dean of Clare College and the Associate Provost)