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Academic Calendar (January 1993)

  1. Length of semester. The length of the semester (amount of contact time) shall be such as to meet, but not to exceed, the state mandate of 2,225 contact minutes for a 3-credit lecture course. This translates into the following: MWF 42 x 50 minutes, plus a 125-minute final; TTh 28 x 75 minutes, plus a 125-minute final.

  2. Number of Intact (M-F) Weeks. Each semester shall have at least 12 intact weeks. (January 1995)

  3. Length of Intersession. The Spring semester shall not begin before January 13.

  4. Date of Start of Semester and Timing and Length of Vacations. Within the constraints of all other relevant university policies, the date at which terms shall begin and the timing and length of vacations (mid-term, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter) shall be determined by the administration, with advisory comment by relevant constituencies, including the Faculty Senate.