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Academic Calendar Guidelines

(Revised Dec. 2007; Dec. 2015; Jan. 2017)

A.  That no Fall Semester begin more than one week before Labor Day.

B.  That beginning with the Fall 2005 semester, the Thanksgiving Vacation will consist of three weekdays (Wednesday-Friday).

C.  That no Spring Semester will begin before January 13th.

D.  That the mid-term break for the Spring Semester shall be a full week from Saturday through Sunday at about mid-semester

D. Midterm break can occur no earlier than the seventh week of the semester and no later than the eighth week.

E.  The administration shall provide the Academic Calendar to the Faculty Senate by September 1 approximately three years in advance (example: 2010-2011 presented Sept. 1, 2007). Furthermore, the Senate will act on the calendar by its December meeting at the latest (for any calendar meeting this requirement)

F. To no longer hold classes on Martin Luther King Day, Jr. starting in the 2017-2018 academic calendar. Classes will start the Monday after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and any current policy stating otherwise be abrogated..

G. The Academic Standards Committee will consult a representative of the Graduate Council concerning any matter that may affect the academic calendar.