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Academic Restoration Program

The Academic Restoration Program (ARP) monitoring committee shall consist of a faculty member chosen by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will chair the committee, the student's academic advisor, the student's ARP counselor, and the Director of New Students.  This committee will meet to review each ARP student's progress by the four-week point in the semester.  At this point, students experiencing difficulty will be called in for a conference and will be notified in writing of violations of the ARP contract during the first four weeks and will be advised that their progress will be checked again at six weeks and throughout the remainder of the semester.  The students' academic advisor will also be alerted to the students' difficulties.  It will be made clear to the students that there is imminent risk of dismissal from the university.  If there continue to be problems, the committee, upon at least three fourths agreement, will recommend dismissal at the six-week point or thereafter.  However, in accord with current appeals policy, the student may appeal the dismissal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs whose decision is final.

Approved by the Faculty Senate March 2, 2001