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Administering Exams Outside Regular Class Time (January 1985, revised December 1997)

A. The following policy concerning the administration of exams outside the regular class time was reviewed and approved by the Faculty Senate at the December 7, 1984, meeting and revised in December 1997:

  1. Any faculty member desiring to administer an examination outside of regular class time MUST receive permission from the department chair.

  2. If a student has a conflict with a test that is administered outside the regular class time, the faculty member MUST agree to administer an examination at another mutually agreeable time.

  3. The syllabus for the course should inform the students that exams outside of regular class times will be administered. The specific dates and times of these exams should be included in the syllabus. If this is impossible, at least two weeks notice should be given before a specific exam will be administered outside of regular class time.

  4. Faculty who administer exams outside of regular class time must inform students of this policy.

B. Final examinations are to be administered at the times listed in the Schedule of Courses.

C. Faculty members should inform their department chair when they will be absent from class.