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Course Registration Process


Honors students will be allowed to register in advance of their class. Academic excellence students, student-athletes and students pursuing more than one major will be provided early registration status.  "Classes" will continue to be determined based on the number of completed credits.

Enrolled students will register in the following order:

  1. Graduate students

  2. Senior Honors students

  3. Seniors with early registration status

  4. All other seniors

  5. Junior Honors students

  6. Juniors with early registration status

  7. All other juniors

  8. Sophomore Honors students

  9. Sophomores with early registration status

  10. All other sophomores

Registration dates will be assigned based on the size of each group and the capacity of the registration system.  Registration start dates will be included in the annual academic calendar.


Approved by the Faculty Senate: February 24, 2012

Approved by the President: March 6, 2012