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Honors Students

Honors students will be given graduate privileges in the St. Bonaventure University library. This means that they will be able to enter the closed, periodical area of the library at designated times to do research in magazines, newspapers, and journals. Honors students will also be able to check books out from the library for a semester.

Students in the Honors Program can earn early registration within their class by meeting one of two criteria:  One criterion is current enrollment in a section of an Honors Course (either First-year or Advanced course) at the time of registration for the next semester.  Alternatively, even if not currently enrolled in an Honors Course, students remaining on pace to complete the requirements of the Honors Program can earn early registration.  On pace is defined as successful completion of Honors Courses at the rate of at least 1.0 Honors Courses per semester since matriculation into St. Bonaventure University.  Thus, remaining on pace does not require taking an Honors Course every semester.  For example, taking two Honors Courses the first semester and no Honors Courses the second semester still earns early registration in the second semester.  An Honors Course would need to be taken in the third semester to remain on pace.  Exceptions to this policy are made at the discretion of the Honors Program Director.


Revised September 2017