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IP (In Progress) Grades

The IP (in progress) grade is reserved exclusively for courses such as internships, practica or student teaching in which the work may extend by design beyond a particular semester. It will be replaced by a suitable grade upon completion of the work. Anticipated course failure or conflicting personal commitments are not valid reasons for assigning an IP grade.

An IP grade may be carried for no longer that 2 academic years (4 semesters) and a final grade must be submitted no later than the third week prior to the termination of the fourth academic semester following the semester in which the IP was assigned; the instructor, with the approval of the department chair and the dean, may assign an earlier deadline. If the work is not completed and a final grade submitted by the deadline, the IP grade will automatically become a grade of F unless the instructor or Program Director requests a grade of W.


New policy approved by the Faculty Senate 4/22/2016

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