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Incomplete Grades

A grade of incomplete may be assigned to allow a student to complete course requirements in cases where significant and unexpected circumstances beyond student control occur which prevent completion by the end of the semester/session. Anticipated course failure or conflicting personal commitments are not valid reasons for assigning an incomplete grade.  Therefore, the work to be completed to remove an incomplete grade may not be new, additional, or extra credit work, but must be the regular course requirements expected of all students in the course. A final grade must be submitted no later than the third week prior to the termination of the subsequent academic semester; the instructor, with the approval of the department chair and the dean, may assign an earlier deadline. The assignment of a grade of incomplete requires the approval of the student, the instructor, the department chair and the dean.


Policy replaced earlier policy. New policy approved by the Faculty Senate 2/15/2013; approved by the President 2/20/2013.

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