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Military Service Withdrawal

If a student is called to active duty, a Military Withdrawal will be granted through the Universityís Registrarís Office. Students should contact the Registrarís Office as soon as possible to fill out the official withdrawal form. A Military Withdrawal will be granted once the University receives a copy of the official orders or a notice from the studentís Commander. The Registrar will indicate on the withdrawal form that the reason for withdrawal is ďmilitary service.Ē

If timing does not permit the student to fill out the withdrawal form, the student may initiate the withdrawal by providing a formal request in writing. The student must sign the letter and send it to the Registrarís Office, PO Box C, St. Bonaventure, New York 14778 or by FAX to 716.375.2135. Once the form is received, the Registrar will initiate the withdrawal on the studentís behalf. In addition, a copy of the orders must accompany the form.

Complete Withdrawal Option (without academic penalty)

Students with a military withdrawal will not be charged tuition for the semester of withdrawal, will receive a 100% refund, and will be removed from all courses with no credit and no record of attendance on the studentís transcript.

Early Exam Option

If a student is called to military duty and has completed 75% of the enrollment period (eleven weeks), he/she may opt to make arrangements with his/her professors to take the final exam(s) early and be given full credit for all courses. Students will be billed according to the University tuition billing policy.

Financial Aid

In cases where 100% of a studentís tuition charges are forgiven, all institutional aid and New York state aid will be withdrawn from the studentís account. If a student receives state grant funds from a state other than New York, the University will abide by the return of funds policy from that state.

The University will abide by the federally required Title IV return of funds policy for federal financial aid.

Room and Meal Plan

Room and meal plans will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks the student was enrolled in school.


Students seeking readmission should apply/inquire through the Admissions Office.