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Participation in Commencement (January 1987)

Following the Fall Semester, all senior records will be evaluated. Undergraduate students who have a 2.00 overall GPA and 2.00 in their major and who have registered for courses needed to complete degree requirements may be permitted to participate in Commencement exercises. If a student ultimately fails to satisfy degree requirements, he may petition to receive a “blank” rather than a diploma. Petitions must be made to the Academic Vice President. Students will be permitted to “walk” in the Commencement ceremony if they have a) 2.00 overall GPA; b) 2.00 in their major; and c) need no more than six credit hours to complete the requirements for a degree.

If a student does not have a 2.00 overall GPA or a 2.00 in his or her major or is not registered for the courses needed to complete degree requirements, he or she will be informed-in writing in January that participation in the Commencement exercises will be permitted only if the deficiency(s) is cleared through course work taken in the Spring Semester.