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Scholars in Residence (September 1994)

A Scholar in Residence is not to be confused with a professor visiting campus, who might wish temporary access to the Friedsam Library. A Scholar in Residence has a particular need to use campus resources for an extended period of time. A Scholar in Residence must have letters of recommendations from the appropriate chairs and/or deans at St. Bonaventure University. Upon recommendation of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, he or she will receive appointment as a Scholar in Residence by the President. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will then authorize a Scholar in Residence to obtain a faculty identification card for the period he or she will be on campus. During that stay the Scholar in Residence will be entitled to:

  1. Office space and a computer as available. It is the sponsoring deanís responsibility to determine if office space and a computer are available and to assign them to the Visiting Professor.

  2. Library privileges, including a library card and interlibrary loan usage.

  3. Use of the SBU computer network and Internet.

  4. Parking permit.

  5. Use of athletic and recreational facilities and basketball tickets to be allotted in the same way as to the most recently hired faculty member.